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Awards 2024


Introducing the most awaited event of the year – The Punch Community Gala & Sustainability Awards 2024. This special occasion in Bali celebrates excellence in responsibility and  sustainability, recognizing individuals, businesses, and organizations for their outstanding efforts in shaping a better future for the island

Explore an array of 20 distinctive award categories, each shining a spotlight on unique facets of sustainability, from innovative product design to impactful community engagement. Our awards span various sectors encompassing everything from hospitality to retail, highlighting the incredible work happening in each corner of our community with the goal of inspiring further action.


20 Nominations


September 2024


1. Sustainability Management Excellence

Celebrating an individual or organization with exceptional leadership and strategy in advancing sustainability within their organization, employees and consumers.

2. Innovative Sustainable Building & Design

Honouring a project, individual or organization that makes significant contributions to sustainable architecture and design through innovative & future-proof practices.

3. Cultural Interaction & Heritage

Celebrating an individual or organization that is actively working to preserve and promote cultural heritage while fostering sustainability with the local community.

4. Local & Sustainable Sourcing Champion

Acknowledging an individual or organization that is consistently supporting local and sustainable sourcing practices, reducing the impact of business activities.

5.Equal & Local Employment Advocate

Recognizing an individual or organization that has prioritized equal and local employment opportunities, contributing to the well-being of the local community.

6. Sustainability Staff Engagement

Highlighting an individual or business that excels in empowering, engaging and motivating their staff to actively participate in sustainable initiatives.

7. Exemplary Waste Management Solutions

Empowering an individual or organization that is implementing waste management strategies, reducing waste and promoting recycling / upcycling. 

8. Pioneering Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Recognizing an individual or organization that is introducing groundbreaking, innovative sustainable packaging solutions to minimize environmental impact.

9. Leadership in Renewable Energy Adoption

Celebrating an individual or business that demonstrates leadership in adopting renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

10. Water Conservation Steward

Honoring a individual or organization that is effectively minimizing water consumption and conserving water resources through innovative and future-proof practices.

11. Biodiversity Conservation Champion

Recognizing an individual or business that actively contributes to the conservation of local biodiversity through habitat preservation and restoration efforts.

12. Community Support & Guidance Leader

Acknowledging an individual or organization that is playing a pivotal role in supporting and guiding the local community through various ways including sustainability education.

13. Consumer Awareness & Educational Enthusiast

Celebrating an individual or organization that is actively raising awareness and educating others on sustainability issues and solutions.

14. Hospitality Business of the Year

Recognizing an hospitality establishment that is excelling in delivering exceptional experiences while demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability.

15. Solution-based Supplier of the Year

Recognizing a supplier that is consistently providing innovative and sustainable solutions, benefiting businesses, consumers, and the environment.

16. Responsible Brand of the Year

Celebrating a brand between fashion, beauty, home or F&B, that has introduced exceptional manufacturing standards, innovative products, and sustainable packaging solutions. 

17. Sustainable Product of the Year

Empowering a product created or offered by a brand, business or supplier that stands out as an exemplary sustainable solution through durability, quality, innovation, environmental responsibility.

18. Bali's Change Maker of the Year

Honoring an individual who is shown exceptional dedication, leadership and impact in driving sustainability initiatives and positive change. This individual has been instrumental in inspiring and mobilizing others.

19. Responsible Employee of the Year

Celebrating a unique employee who leads by example and demonstrates a strong commitment to actively promoting responsible practices both within their company and in the local community.

20. Sustainable Business of the Year

This award is the pinnacle of sustainability recognition. It recognizes a business that has not only embraced sustainability but has also demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact.


Important Information


The Punch Sustainability Awards 2024 will be an evening to remember, as it will culminate in a spectacular Gala Dinner Night. This event will feature a impactful panel discussion, an awards ceremony to honor the winners and their outstanding achievements, the 'Uncovered Bali' Book and documentary premiere, a glamorous fashion show highlighting sustainable fashion in Bali, and a unique exhibition showcasing the latest solution-based products and services available on the market.

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September 2024 - Desa Potato Head



If you know of an individual, organization or project within The Punch Community that has made significant contributions to sustainability in any of the categories mentioned, we encourage you to nominate them. Simply visit our website and complete the nomination form.


If you or your organization have implemented sustainability initiatives that deserve recognition, you are welcome to self-nominate. Fill out the nomination form with details about your work and its impact. The Punch Members only. 


Process of
Selecting Winners


Individual & organizations nominate or self-nominate.


With the support of our judging panel, we will carefully review all submissions to see how well they align with the award criteria.


From all applications, a shortlist of official nominees will be selected based on the strength of their sustainability initiatives.


Top candidates may be visited or interviewed to better understand their sustainability initiatives.


With the support of our judging panel and experts, we will analyze quantitative data, such as energy consumption and waste reduction, to access candidates objectively.


A scoring system will be used to fairly compare, and rank candidates based on the established criteria.


The judging panel will unite to make the final decision of the awards winners.


Once decided, we will publicly announce and celebrate the winners, giving them the recognition they deserve at The Punch Gala 2024.

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