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Explore The Punch Events — a gathering of hospitality industry leaders, creators, and change-makers all committed to minimizing their environmental footprint. This dynamic convergence aims to encourage the exchange of achievements, insights, and innovative solutions, propelling us forward in our shared mission to build a better future for Bali.

Together, we form a powerful movement for positive change, united by a collective dedication to sustainability and impactful initiatives.


The Punch Sustainable Gala & Awards Ceremony 2024

We are thrilled to announce the most anticipated event of the year, our Sustainable Business Gala 2024! Get ready to be part of an evening filled with inspiration, innovation, and celebration as we come together to recognize and honor the incredible achievements of The Punch Community.

Bringing achievements and success stories to the Bali stage, The Punch Gala 2024 will celebrate exceptional business members and change-makers that demonstrate outstanding commitments, best practices and sustainable solutions available on the market. 

April 2024 – Date & Location coming soon.


"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."


April 5th, 2023 | Desa Potato Head – The Punch held the first Sustainability Gala of Bali at Studio Eksotika, Potato Head. During this event and across two panel discussions, 250+ hospitality industry leaders committed to minimizing their environmental footprint, came together to exchange achievements, insights, and solutions to continue building a better future for Bali. A powerful movement for positive change. 

Through the panel discussions, 12 business owners, managers and change-makers addressed their stories, experiences and point of views across two important topics: “Designing, building and operating for tomorrow’s tourism demand” and “Creating sustainable products and services to maximize efficiency and minimize impact”.

Panel Discussion 1

“How to design, build & operate more sustainably for tomorrow’s tourism demand and why we need to shift to a more responsible hospitality industry.”

  • Maitri Fischer – Founder of Eco Mantra 
  • Sayan Gulino – Founder of Waterbom Bali 
  • Orin Hardy – Founder of Bamboo U 
  • Dinna Safitri – Sustainability Manager of Four Seasons Resorts Bali 
  • Diego Higuera – Founder of Aora Space 
  • Scott Kowaleski – Founder of Desa Hay & Munduk Cabins

Panel Discussion 2

“What role companies play in creating efficient, sustainable products and services to maximize efficiency and minimize impact.”

  • Gary Bencheghib – Founder of Sungai Watch 
  • Maike van Grootel – Founder of Skute Bali & NIU 
  • Mahesa Dharmawan – Community manager of The Lawn Canggu
  • Kai Paul – Founder of Indosole 
  • Souhela Ferrah – Founder of Fields of Yarrow
  • Panji Wisrawan – Head Mixologist of Apéritif Bar
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June 1st, 2023 | Sundara, Four Seasons Jimbaran – Through an impactful exhibition, key impact numbers from The Punch Community and the participation of selected speakers, we celebrated and connected sustainable suppliers to our community of businesses looking for solutions. 

The main goal of this event was to empower and connect economic leaders of Bali to work together to minimize the use of resources, reduce unnecessary waste and harmful emissions.

Event’s Takeaways

  • Introduction of the best sustainable suppliers of Bali.
  • Network of hospitality industry leaders, sustainable suppliers & change-makers.
  • The Punch Community’s impact numbers. 
  • Transformative solutions and guidance to create a sustainable future in Bali.

Event’s Speakers

  • Diego Higuera – Founder of Aora Space
  • Benoit Prim – Founder of Ineco Solar
  • Lenya Bass-Dodds – Founder of Life of Sawah
  • Dom Hammond – Head Chef of Tanaman
  • Kevin Vignier-Groiez – Founder of Ecollabo8
  • Jan Jurecka – Head Mixologist of Four Seasons Bali

"We're all destined for Greatness in our own way."


May 11th, 2023 | Kinship Studio – A celebration of our incredible community of Punch Women to unlock greatness in 2023 

As a supportive community of like-minded, entrepreneur women, this event was a great occasion to connect and exchange our rules for success, inspiring achievements and challenges, productivity, self-care and wellness tips to continue building a better future for Bali.

Event’s Takeaways

  • Network of entrepreneur women.
  • Transformative inspiration and ideas to be productive and achieve greatness.
  • Advices on what it takes to grow a successful, responsible business
  • Bringing impactful ideas to life.
  • Nurturing creativity to build innovative and responsible products and services.
  • Turning challenges in opportunities.
  • Key insights to empower the local community of women.
  • Balancing entrepreneurship with self-care and wellness.

Event’s Speakers

  • Tina Gulino – Founder of The Find Bali 
  • Sara Howard – Sustainable Ceramist 
  • Dominique Brett – Founder of Brett Hospitality Group
  • Janine – Founder of Escape Haven
  • Sara – Founder of Soulshine Bali
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