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Your brand is having a clear sustainability management plan to reduce its global social and environmental impact, preserving natural resources and saving money.

Your brand is designing clean, functional and long-life products to minimize the use of resources, global waste and harmful atmospheric emissions due to pollutants.

Your brand is engaging its employees in the development and implementation of your sustainability goals to help bridge the distance between staff and company values in order to grow a sustainable future.

When sourcing and purchasing, your brand is giving priority to sustainable, local, Fairtrade, organic or recycled materials and sustainable suppliers to reduce its impact on the environment, addressing social issues and improving the livelihoods of communities.

Your brand is carefully managing the production of its goods in order to minimize waste, optimize both energy and materials, enhance employees, community and product safety.

Your brand is incorporating greener and more environmentally responsible ways to ship its goods to consumers.

Your brand is having a “no single use plastic” policy throughout its global operations.

Your brand is having a waste management plan with actions to reduce, separate and reuse and/or recycle waste.

Your brand is using sustainable packaging that is sustainably sourced, from biodegradable, reused or recycled materials and manufactured using clean production practices and technologies.

Your brand is using equipment and practices to minimize and conserve energy.

Your brand is using equipment and practices to minimize and conserve water.

Your brand is actively supporting, protecting and promoting global diversity and wildlife.

Your brand is sourcing/purchasing locally to minimize carbon emissions, support small businesses and increase the resilience of the economy of local communities.

Your brand is supporting its local community by providing sustainable guidance, minimizing poverty and maximizing good health.

Your brand is providing clear and transparent communication about its sustainable practices to help consumers take better purchasing decisions and minimize their global impact.

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4. Accept The Punch membership terms

All brands joining The Punch must take a minimum of 5 commitments as part of our indicators.

By listening to our members and creating a clear channel of communication between businesses and consumers, we help them to do the best they can. 

By becoming members of The Punch, businesses must ensure that the commitments shared throughout our platform are accurate and communicated to their customers. 

Members that do not uphold our principles will be suspended from our channels until they have re-established their commitments to The Punch ethos.

All applications are subject to approval. 

By sending applications, members are accepting these terms.