Redefines Culinary Artistry

Located in the serene setting in Ubud, Locavore NXT in Bali offers more than just dining, it's an immersive culinary experience where food is transformed into art and each bite narrates a tale. After meticulous planning, the team relocated from the previous location to a larger space in Lodtunduh to fully express their creativity. Set amidst lush surroundings, Locavore NXT invites guests into a world of flavor exploration. Here, chefs craft dishes using local ingredients, prioritizing both taste and environmental sustainability. It's a journey where guests actively participate in the culinary adventure.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

Locavore NXT follows ESG principles that guide everything they do, from sourcing local ingredients to creating a welcoming workplace and making ethical business decisions.

Locavore NXT


Locavore NXT follows ESG principles, which stand for Environmental, Social, and Governance practices. These principles guide everything they do, from sourcing local ingredients to creating a welcoming workplace and making ethical business decisions.

Locavore NXT takes a holistic approach to sustainability. They focus on minimizing their environmental impact by using local ingredients, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable farming. The establishment of an organic wellness center serves as a hub for composting and recycling, showcasing Locavore NXT's dedication to responsible waste management. Solar panels, closed-loop water systems, and composting initiatives underscore the restaurant's dedication to reducing its environmental footprint.

At the same time, they prioritize social responsibility by supporting local communities and fostering a safe and inclusive workplace. Education plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of sustainability within the team. Through ongoing training and awareness programs, Locavore NXT empowers its staff to actively participate in sustainable practices.

Locavore NXT holds themselves to high ethical standards and values transparency in their operations. They regularly assess their performance, set ambitious goals, and keep their stakeholders informed of their progress. As Locavore NXT continues its sustainability journey, it aims to inspire not only its team but also its guests and neighboring communities to embrace sustainable living practices. Through action rather than words alone, Locavore NXT exemplifies its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society.


Step into the culinary spectacle of our open kitchen, where guests become part of the dining experience. With no walls to separate, guests can watch the chefs cook and see the dishes being prepared. The chefs love interacting with guests, explaining the dishes and making the experience even more special.


Inspired by a shared passion for mushrooms and a desire to explore beyond the ordinary, Locavore NXT introduces the Mushroom Chamber—a haven for culinary innovation and gastronomic discovery. Faced with the challenge of sourcing diverse mushrooms in Indonesia, the chefs envisioned a space where they could showcase a plethora of varieties, from the familiar shimeji to the exotic lion's manes, reishi, and pink oysters.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability and creativity, Locavore NXT partnered with Aaron, The Mushroom Man, founder of Kulture Mushroom to realize their vision of a mushroom chamber. The Mushroom Chamber serves as a platform for culinary experimentation, inspiring the chefs to craft innovative dishes that celebrate the unique flavors and textures of each mushroom variety.


Locavore NXT decided to leave behind the imported spirits and focus on what Bali has to offer—local gems like Brem, Arak, and Tuak. The team crafts delightful drinks using local ingredients sourced from their micro-distillery and on-site arak palms. This hyper-local approach adds a unique touch to an extensive array of creative beverages, perfectly complementing the innovative culinary offerings.


Locavore NXT's Food Forest is like a mini jungle full of delicious flavors right above the restaurant. It all started because the chefs wanted some special ingredients that were hard to find in stores. Now, they can stroll through this green paradise, checking out what's growing each season and getting inspired to create new dishes. Soon, guests will be able to wander through the Food Forest, tasting fresh-picked treats, and experiencing the real flavors of Bali.


The Woods Room at Locavore NXT offers guests a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery after indulging in a sumptuous meal. With an overnight stay, guests enjoy the comforts of a spacious and cozy room, followed by a delightful breakfast in the canteen where they can mingle with the Locavore NXT team. A backstage tour provides exclusive insights into the restaurant's inner workings, completing the full Locavore NXT experience without the inconvenience of a long journey home. It's the perfect way to extend a stay in Ubud, immersing oneself in culinary delights and rejuvenating in nature before continuing the adventure.


Inspired by the concept of museum gift shops, The Design Store serves as a showcase for the diverse offerings of Locavore NXT. From seasonings and kombucha to vinegars and coffee, guests can browse a curated selection of products that embody the essence of Locavore NXT.