Locavore NXT: Revolutionizing
Bali's Dining Scene with Sustainable
Culinary Excellence

Locavore NXT:
Revolutionizing Bali's Dining Scene with Sustainable Culinary Excellence

Located in the heart of Bali, Locavore NXT is more than just a restaurant; it's a unique destination that's transforming the dining experience. Here, you can embark on an extraordinary culinary journey filled with delicious flavors and creative, sustainable dishes. NXT is all about using local ingredients to minimize environmental impact, so you won't find imports, dairy, or wheat on the menu—just plenty of gluten-free options. The team takes a holistic approach, reducing waste by using every part of their ingredients and promoting a circular economy. By cutting back on animal protein, they show their commitment to eco-friendly practices, creating a menu that truly embodies their sustainable values.

May 2024 • Words & Photography by The Punch

"Going beyond culinary
mastery to champion sustainability."

Locavore NXT


Locavore NXT follows the ESG principles, which stand for Environmental, Social, and Governance practices. These principles guide everything they do, from sourcing local ingredients to creating a welcoming workplace and making ethical business decisions.

The talented team works hard to minimize their environmental impact by using local ingredients, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable farming. They've even set up an organic wellness center for composting and recycling, showing their commitment to responsible waste management. Plus, with solar panels, closed-loop water systems, and composting initiatives, they're dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint in every way possible.


NXT offers a variety of unique features that enhance the dining experience. In The Dining Room, guests become part of the culinary spectacle by watching chefs work their magic in an open kitchen. The Mushroom Chamber showcases diverse mushroom varieties, enabling culinary innovation and creativity with the help of local partner Aaron, The Mushroom Man. The Beverage Lab focuses on locally sourced ingredients like Brem, Arak, and Tuak, creating unique drinks that complement the menu perfectly.

The Food Forest provides a seasonal bounty of fresh ingredients and soon, guests can explore this green paradise to taste fresh-picked treats. The Woods Room offers an overnight stay with breakfast, a backstage tour, and a serene retreat in lush greenery, perfect for extending the Ubud adventure. Finally, The Design Store features a curated selection of products, from seasonings to kombucha, allowing guests to take a piece of this unique experience home.


NXT prioritizes social responsibility, supporting local communities, and creating a safe, inclusive workplace. Education is key for them, and they focus on building a culture of sustainability within their team. Through ongoing training and awareness programs, they empower their staff to get actively involved in sustainable practices.

The founders hold themselves to high ethical standards and value transparency in everything they do. They regularly check their progress, set ambitious goals, and keep everyone updated. NXT aims to inspire not just their team, but also their guests and neighboring communities to embrace sustainable living.