Locavore NXT: An extraordinary Culinary Journey in the Heart of Bali.

Nestled in the lush heart of Bali, Locavore NXT is not just a restaurant; it’s a unique culinary haven redefining the dining experience. Delve into a seamless blend of exquisite flavors and sustainable creativity, inviting you to explore and relish an extraordinary culinary journey.

At NXT, their commitment to sustainability transcends the ordinary by exclusively sourcing local ingredients, showcasing a formidable dedication to reducing environmental impact. This approach, while challenging, aligns with their ethos of minimizing imports, avoiding the use of dairy or wheat, and offering gluten-free options. By embracing a holistic perspective, NXT strives to utilize every component, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Moreover, their deliberate decision to decrease dependence on animal protein serves as a clear demonstration of their dedication to environmentally conscious practices. This contributes to a menu that not only showcases a commitment to well-being but also embodies a sustainable approach to culinary philosophy.

Locavore NXT goes beyond culinary mastery to champion sustainability.


  • Sustainability practices: Nurturing the Earth
  • Solar power: Using rooftop panels to transform redundant space into a natural power source, generating solar energy fed back into the national grid.
  • Greywater & Wastewater system: A sophisticated Treatment Plant filters wastewater for 10-14 days before nourishing the rooftop food forest, showcasing Locavore NXT’s dedication to water conservation.
  • Circular Economy: Embrace a circular economy approach with waste separation, recycling, composting, and transforming plastic and glass into purposeful materials.
  • Soil Regeneration: Locavore NXT’s commitment extends to worm composting farms, converting food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizers for the rooftop forest.
  • Worm Toilets: Witness an innovative sewage treatment approach with over 2000 worms, showcasing sustainability in sanitation practices.