You are Invited to Join
Bali's Responsible & Sustainable
Heroes on the Global Scene

You are Invited
to Join Bali's Responsible & Sustainable Heroes on the Global Scene

As a forward-thinking business committed to reducing environmental impact, preserving Bali's essence, and delivering solution-oriented products and services, we are thrilled to invite you to join The Punch 'UNCOVERED BALI' Project.

Supported by a renowned international publisher and key partners, our initiative showcases the sustainable journeys of carefully selected Bali businesses to a global audience through a groundbreaking book, a compelling documentary film, and distinctive communication campaigns.

Participation Deadline June 28, 2024 • Project Package IDR 35,000,000

Participation Deadline June 28, 2024
Project Package IDR 35,000,000


Preserving Bali’s Essence
& Igniting Transformative Change

Preserving Bali’s Essence
& Igniting Transformative Change


Bali faces significant challenges due to its rapid development, primarily driven by a booming tourism industry. This growth has led to environmental degradation, including water scarcity, pollution, and the loss of natural landscapes, which threatens the island's ecological balance. Additionally, the influx of tourists and rapid urbanization have impacted Bali's cultural heritage and local communities, risking the erosion of its unique traditions and ways of life.

The Uncovered Bali Project serves as a case study, illustrating what can be achieved when a community of responsible, purpose-driven businesses and individuals unites with a shared vision.


We go behind the scenes to reveal the true essence of the Island of Gods, reminding people what makes Bali so special and worth preserving. While promoting sustainable practices and collective responsibility, we aim to show the path to a better future for the island.

By highlighting the efforts of purpose-driven businesses and individuals who exemplify how development can harmonize with environmental responsibility and cultural preservation, and by sharing impactful stories, innovative solutions, and real-world examples, Uncovered Bali aims to inspire other businesses, local communities, tourists, and investors to take action. Our goal is to engage everyone in creating a better, sustainable future for Bali, setting a benchmark for responsible tourism worldwide.


A Multi-Faceted
Approach for Global Visibility

To bring this vision to life, The Punch is collaborating with an international publisher, relevant influencers, and key partners, ensuring our message reaches a worldwide audience. These collaborations provide unparalleled visibility for your business on a local and global scale.

By participating in the Uncovered Bali Project, your business will be showcased as a leading example of what can be done, aligning your brand with values such as responsibility, sustainability, resilience, and optimism, resonating with consumers and businesses who prioritize ethical and sustainable choices. Through this association, your business will establish a strong positive presence in the global industry, attracting like-minded partners and customers dedicated to making a positive impact.


• A pioneering hardcover book
• An immersive focumentary movie
• YouTube series: Beyond the Surface
• Podcast series: Conversations of Impact
• Exclusive communication & events


• Worldwide book distribution
• Relevant retailers in over 100 Countries
• Over 2,500,000 followers with our project partners
• Post-launch intensive 60-day Google ads
• Local & global PR placements


• Exposure to a local & global audience
• Alignment with relevant, future-proof businesses
• Inspirational storytelling & marketing assets


• Bali enthusiasts seeking authentic experiences
• Consumers & travellers looking for solutions
• Entrepreneurs / investors searching for collaborations

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"Our journey with The Punch
has been transformative, offering us a space to showcase our latest innovations."


Beyond Exceptional Marketing,
Championing Real Change

Your participation in the Uncovered Bali Project goes beyond exceptional marketing services; it’s a key driver for change. Our work not only shapes perceptions but also significantly impacts the industry, local communities and government perspectives.

The Uncovered Bali Project offers an unparalleled opportunity for carefully curated sustainable businesses to significantly enhance their visibility and impact within and beyond Bali.

We have designed a complete package providing comprehensive promotional tools and platforms to showcase your business’s dedication to environmental responsibility and cultural preservation. It includes in-depth interviews, professional visual assets, and expansive multimedia coverage, positioning your business as a key player in Bali's sustainable future. By accepting our invitation, your business will receive exceptional recognition and influence, ensuring connections with consumers and partners who prioritize ethical practices.

IDR 35,000,000 • INCLUSION

• A complete in-depth video & written interview feature
• 35+ Professional photographs
• 4 print pages in Uncovered Bali Book (worldwide distribution)
• A large feature in the ‘Uncovered Bali’ documentary movie
• 5-10min individual YouTube & Podcast series
• Impactful PR & social media campaigns
• 2 x 90-sec reels shared on our social media channels
• Extensive year-long celebration & communication
• Exclusive celebration at The Punch Gala & Awards 2024


• June 28, 2024: Closing of business participations
• July - Sept 2024: Final documentations, editing, publishing & pre-launch marketing
• October 2, 2024: Book launch & Documentary premiere at The Punch Gala
• Oct 2024 - Onwards: Worldwide book distribution & full year communication


Following your confirmation, we will gather key information about your business, prepare interview questions, and select a suitable date for your documentation within the next three weeks. This ensures the project runs smoothly and accommodates both your schedule and our timeline.

During the process of documenting your business, our team will spend 3 to 4 hours on-site to conduct a comprehensive interview with your chosen representative, capture high-quality photographs, and film behind-the-scenes aspects that make your business unique.