Ethical Clothing Manufacturer
& Garment Production in Bali

Yogi & Boo, established in 1987, stands as Bali's leading ethically certified garment manufacturer, specializing in mid to large-size international fashion brands. Founded by Yogi Ngetis and his wife Jenni, the company began as a small retail store in Bali, offering a blend of traditional Batik fabrics and contemporary Western styles for the growing tourist market. Presently, Yogi&Boo is run by 2nd generation manufacturer Satria Ngetis, who pioneered the ethical & sustainable mindset for clothing production in Bali as far back as 2008. They firmly believes that investing in people and fostering family-oriented values within the company brings intrinsic rewards that outweigh financial costs. Their commitment to ethical manufacturing, environmental responsibility, and community support positions them as a premier and conscientious player in the global fashion industry.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Yogi & Boo firmly believes that investing in people and fostering family-oriented values within the company brings intrinsic rewards that outweigh financial costs."

Yogi & Boo


Yogi & Boo stands as the sole clothing factory in Bali boasting ethical certification SA8000:2014 and auditing by a premier social and ethical compliance program. Employees who have served for 12 months are eligible for enrollment in the superannuation, health care, and life insurance program. The factory has forged a partnership with Prudential, a top-tier firm in Indonesia.

Once a member private hospital cover becomes standard, a mutual investment fund accrues for superannuation and comprehensive life insurance; this insurance cost is subsidised by Yogi & Boo. This insurance is on top of the government mandatory workers cover that provides health insurance to each staff member and their families.

Yogi & Boo offers two weeks of full pay leave and unlimited full pay sick leave to its employees. The factory believes in supporting its staff during times of illness, ensuring financial stability by maintaining regular pay. Additionally, three months of fully paid maternity leave is provided as a standard benefit. Yogi & Boo extends a no-interest small loan financing program to all employees, aiming to assist them in achieving their aspirations. Furthermore, the factory operates a profit-sharing scheme, distributing 5% of profits annually to all staff members. This bonus is provided in addition to the New Year's bonus and holiday bonus, which offers double pay.

They only work 40-hour weeks, 8 am – 5 pm Monday through to Friday. Any overtime attracts Labour Law-approved loading pay. They provide Western-standard workplace health & safety conditions and we have zero tolerance to any bullying, anti-social or abusive behaviour.


Yogi & Boo holds ISO14000 Environmental certification. Eighty percent of its lighting consists of natural daylight supplemented with Daylight L.E.D.s. It stands as the sole factory in Bali with a fully air-conditioned production floor. Moreover, Yogi & Boo has been recognized as one of the cleanest clothing factories, maintaining a world-class standard of cleanliness with three full-time cleaners dedicated to the task.


The industrial Reverse Osmosis filter at Yogi & Boo ensures clean, filtered drinking water for its employees, while the factory also maintains clean Western-standard toilets. Yogi & Boo distinguishes itself as the sole clothing factory in Bali equipped with an in-house digital printing system. Remarkably, it stands as the only print house in Bali that neither utilizes nor generates any wastewater, employing a dry process with no runoff or effluent. Since transitioning to all digital printing in 2020, the factory has saved over 4.5 million liters of water annually, a significant reduction compared to the 40-60 liters of water typically used per meter of conventionally printed fabric. Furthermore, Yogi & Boo's digital printing inks hold Eco-Passport certification by Oeko-Tex, ensuring environmental responsibility across its printing processes.


The company is a significant contributor to the R.O.L.E. foundation, sponsoring the education of five marginalized women monthly to empower them with skills and break the cycle of poverty. From February 2018 to January 2023, donations exceeding USD35,000 have been made, with contributions ongoing. It stands as the sole clothing factory certified ISO14001:2015 for Environmental management.

During the 2020-2021 pandemic, over USD30,000 was donated to local "Banjar" (community center) and charities like S.O.L.E.M.E.N., comprising food drops and financial assistance. Ninety percent of fabric off-cuts are donated to local businesses, creating job opportunities for stay-at-home moms and reducing landfill waste. In return for purchasing cold sodas for staff monthly, one local business weaves the fabric into door mats. Regular donations are made to various charities and local relief efforts, with a significant contribution to the local Balinese community/Banjar, supporting youth programs and local events. The company believes in investing in its community and fostering family-oriented values, valuing the intrinsic rewards over financial costs.