Providing Tools and Machinery to Create Local Circular Economy in Indonesia

Wedoo is a Bali-based environmental consultancy firm dedicated to advancing the circular economy by manufacturing innovative waste processing machines. Wedoo believes these machines are crucial in transforming waste into valuable resources, helping communities reclaim their environment. Their vision is to equip local communities with the tools and knowledge needed to utilize waste effectively, fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Our solutions are tailored to help you maximize resource recovery and minimize environmental impact."



Wedoo designs and builds advanced machinery for managing both organic and non-organic waste, tailored to maximize resource recovery and minimize environmental impact. Their circular economy solutions are scalable and adaptable, catering to the specific needs of villages, NGOs, and businesses. Wedoo's services begin with waste audits and sustainability reporting, providing essential information to identify the most suitable machinery for each client's unique circumstances.


Wedoo manufactures waste processing machines tailored to each client's needs, determined through a thorough assessment. After selecting the appropriate model, they provide comprehensive after-sales services, including repairs, local operation guidance, and warranty coverage. The warranty covers hardware failures, manufacturing defects, and includes complementary technical support to ensure optimal machine performance.


Wedoo assists clients in the research and development phase of creating upcycled products, enabling the conversion of waste into valuable goods. These repurposed products not only contribute to waste reduction but also have the potential to boost the local economy by creating new revenue streams and opportunities for local businesses.


WeDoo engage in educational initiatives to raise awareness and promote sustainable implementation of the circular economy within the community. Through workshops and educational programs, they empower both clients and the general public with knowledge and practical strategies for effective waste management. By fostering understanding and providing tools for sustainable practices, WeDoo strive to create a more environmentally conscious and proactive community.