Premium Composting Service in Bali

Urban Compost provides pickup service including reliable collection bin and scheduled pickup with enclosed pickup car, up to 3x a week. Urban Compost Services collects all organic waste, including food scraps and garden trimmings, and transports them to their own composting facilities for proper composting. Once the composting process is complete, the finished product is redistributed to subscribers as part of the service, completing the cycle of waste management. The company also provide yearly reports detailing the composting achievements, ensuring transparency and accountability in their operations.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We make sure that all the organics that we collect are 100% composted instead of going to landfill or being burned."

Urban Compost


Urban Compost focuses on ensuring that all organic waste collected undergoes 100% composting rather than being sent to landfills or being burned. This approach enables subscribers to divert 60% of their daily waste from traditional disposal methods. Through composting, Urban Compost not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also offsets carbon footprints. The resulting compost is beneficial for soil conservation, plantation, and sustainable farming programs, contributing to overall environmental health and sustainability.