One of the Best Sunset Destination
of Bali's West Coast

The Lawn's journey began with the vision of serving sunset margaritas from a beachside Combi van to Canggu's surfers and beach enthusiasts. Evolving into a premier venue, it now holds the top spot on Conde Nast Bali’s Best Beach Clubs list and hosts renowned musicians and surfers. Led by pro-surfer Tai Buddha, The Lawn offers a concise menu, curated music, and legendary nights, all meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable ocean-facing experience. Tai Buddha's innovative approach to hospitality has established multiple iconic venues along Bali's coastline, and with The Lawn's renovation, he aims to foster a local scene while bridging Bali with the global stage.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"The Lawn's renovation aims to foster a local scene while bridging Bali with the global stage."

The Lawn


• No single-use plastic policy enforced, with staff trained to avoid its use

• Weekly beach clean-up operations conducted every Sunday morning

• All waste managed through Eco Bali, utilizing recyclable bins

• Bamboo straws exclusively used throughout the venue, takeaway packaging made from recycled paper

• Environmentally friendly and recycled materials incorporated into design and architecture, including locally sourced timber

• Organic suppliers preferred for food and beverage procurement, supporting local farmers and delivery services

• Active involvement in community charity events and fundraisers

• Support for local Warungs (small eateries) with shared spaces and participation in events

• Suppliers educated on waste reduction practices to minimize packaging and stocking waste

• Daytime lighting restricted to indoor areas; minimal lighting used outdoors

• Advertising materials both inside and outside the venue are recycled