A Responsible Interior Design Firm Based in Bali

Studio Isla is an interior design firm led by Romina Baldomir and a team of local creatives that are passionate for sustainable living and bespoke design. The design approach aims to enrich the environment and community, with an approach that respects the existing environment by preserving its natural surroundings. This philosophy is reflected in our work through the abundance of natural greenery in our design.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We are proud to establish ourselves in Bali, Indonesia, an island rich in culture and biodiversity."

Studio Isla


Studio Isla conceptualize projects with avid attention to quality and detail evident throughout the entire design and decorative process. Their sustainability commitments are integral to this, sourcing low-impact materials locally to minimize their carbon footprint. Adopting a “zero-waste” approach in production, they reduce the environmental impact of furniture production. This inspires them to explore creative ways to reuse excess waste and create something new. It's a collaborative effort between the design team and local craftsmen.

Establishing themselves in Bali, Indonesia, an island rich in culture and biodiversity, they believe it's not just their mission, but their responsibility to implement sustainable practices, preserving its natural beauty as they navigate towards a greener future.