Reset, Relax, Dance,
Celebrate life & Connect with others

Soulshine Bali is a well-established retreat destination in Ubud. A place to reset, relax, dance, celebrate life, and connect with others. The 33-room resort is where people from all over the world can enjoy the culture and beauty of Bali, share delicious food and drinks, be immersed in great music, and form lifelong friendships. Soulshine bali represents a new way of wellness joy in Ubud – musical, experience-driven, and ultra friendly. Drawing inspiration from the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which emphasizes harmony between humans, nature, and spirit, Soulshine Bali embodies a holistic approach to well-being.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Bali has given us a new community, family and a deep appreciation for the local people and culture."



Offering 2 in-resort restaurants, 3 yoga shala and spa, Soulshine Bali is architecturally created with a complete blend with natural landscape. The resort’s natural rice terrace is well preserved to share with all guests the experience of Bali’s culture of rice plating.

The resort is committed to prioritize the local man powers. Most of the staff, supply vendors and transportation providers are coming from the surrounding banjar where Soulshine is located. The team actively joins the Banjar’s social activities such as plastic exchange programs.


• Elimination of plastic usage in the hotel and throughout operations

• Joining the Banjar’s social activities such as plastic exchange programs

• Continuously supporting the Bumi Sehat Foundation

• On-site 100% organic vegetable farm & ricefields

• On-site composting

• Supporting & guiding surrounding communities