A Wellness Resort
amidst the Breezy Hills of Nusa Dua.

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort is a sustainable wellness hotel offering comprehensive personalised retreats to teach self-awareness, mindfulness and help guests reach mind-body transformation. Meaning “I live again”, REVĪVŌ’s lush enclave is comprised of 16 Balinese-style luxury suites and villas, a nutritious gourmet restaurant, bar and pool lounge, as well as best-in-class fitness, hydrotherapy and spa facilities. The resort offers a range of wellness programs inspired by local ancient healing traditions, designed to maintain or improve specific emotional, physical and mental health conditions. By focusing on holistic treatments, our wellness retreats achieve the notions of “healing”, mindfulness and self-awareness, rather than treating guests for specific illnesses or injuries.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We are committed to making today's and tomorrow's world more sustainable by significantly reducing our environmental impact."

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort


REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort prioritizes its role as a responsible corporate citizen, striving to contribute positively to society. They are dedicated to sustainability, aiming to minimize their environmental footprint through green practices in operations, maintenance, services, products, and supplies.


• Implementing strategies to reduce waste generation

• Recycling food waste as compost for the garden

• Generating 30% of energy through solar

• Minimize water usage

• Recycling water for use in the garden

• Prioritizing seasonal availability for locally sourced ingredients

• Maintaining an organic, permaculture vegetable garden

• Fresh produce from the garden used in resort menu offerings