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Founded by two travelers, Faithfull aims to empower women to embrace inspiring, well-traveled lifestyles. Their collections blend thoughtful designs with vintage inspirations, capturing the essence of summer. The brand is committed to creating well-designed, socially responsible pieces in collaboration with local artisans. They care about people and the planet, investing in sustainable practices, employee benefits, and charitable giving. In 2021, Faithfull earned B-Corp Certification, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability and conscious business practices.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Faithfull the Brand is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation, based on our commitment to our community, our conscious business practices, and our pledge to be a force for good."

FaithfullThe Brand


Faithfull the Brand is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation, based on their commitment to the community, thir conscious business practices, and their pledge to be a force for good. From conception, co-directors, Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger sought Bali’s best manufacturers to create their hand-made garments, and have continued to live and work closely with their local community ever since. At the heart of the brand are thoughtfully produced designs that evoke a sense of summer and a spirit of travel.


Working with over 1000 artisans across Bali, Faithfull the Brand proudly supports local manufacturing and the preservation of Indonesian artisanal skills. The expertise of these artisans is integral to the design and execution of their collections. Since all Faithfull products are handmade from beginning to end, this craftsmanship is embedded in the brand's DNA.


Faithfull the Brand uses certified fabrications and selects fibers with lower environmental impacts. They maintain full visibility across their entire supply chain and aim to share this transparency with their customers. The materials they use include European Flax Yarn, certified European flax fibers; LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers, produced from certified renewable wood sources; FSC certified fibers; TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, extracted from sustainably grown and sourced wood; and ECONYL® regenerated nylon.


Faithfull the Brand practices recycling and minimizes waste within their offices in Bali, Indonesia, and Sydney, Australia. At their Bali headquarters, they have partnered with the recycling organization ecoBali to implement recycling procedures and environmentally friendly practices through team training workshops. Team members are provided with durable, reusable water bottles, and fresh, clean water dispensers are available throughout the company headquarters.

Since 2020, their suppliers and makers no longer deliver goods to the head office in plastic. Instead, Faithfull has produced self-fabric protective bags for goods delivered between offices.


Faithfull the Brand strives to minimize the environmental impact of their packaging. Their polybags, used for apparel protection, are made from cassava starch (also known as tapioca) and are completely biodegradable. Their eCommerce mailers are derived from corn starch, making them compostable. For hangtags, Faithfull uses PEFC and FSC certified paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. All eCommerce seasonal tote bags are produced by repurposing aged fabric to reduce waste, providing customers with a reusable Faithfull tote bag.


In addition to partnering with established NGOs, Faithfull the Brand actively engages with grassroots organizations. For Earth Day in 2021, they donated 100% of their online sales to Trees4Trees, resulting in the planting of 15,600 trees across Indonesia. Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation based in Indonesia that focuses on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education.


Faithfull the Brand ensures that all 100+ employees in Indonesia and Australia receive wages above the national minimum, along with additional benefits such as daily lunch boxes, office yoga, and healthcare for employees and their families. They also offer microfinancing to all employees and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Faithfull provides extensive training programs, both internally and externally, enabling them to hire local individuals without prior experience or specific skills but with a strong willingness to learn. In addition to professional education, they support their team's personal development through various holistic courses.

Community investment has been integral to Faithfull’s mission from the beginning. Over the years, they have offered financial and managerial assistance to local businesses to support mutual growth. As Faithfull continues to expand, their ongoing goal is to see small, independent factories and the people working within them thrive even further.