The World’s
Bamboo Building Movement in Bali

Bamboo U is an education enterprise rooted in the heart of the world's bamboo building movement in Bali, Indonesia. Collaborating with the renowned design firm IBUKU and located just two minutes from the all-bamboo campus at Green School, Bamboo U has been at the forefront of pioneering bamboo architecture for over a decade. They share their extensive knowledge of bamboo design and sustainable architecture through their programs. Recently, Bamboo U has transitioned their courses online, continuing to bridge creative innovation, eco-building, and bamboo design. Their mission is to grow the bamboo movement and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to build their own bamboo structures.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We are here to continue to grow the bamboo movement and give you the knowledge and skills to build your own bamboo structures."​

Bamboo U


Bamboo U focuses on empowering people to build a better world with bamboo. Recognizing the significant impact of sustainable architecture and design, Bamboo U leverages breakthroughs in these fields to meet the global demand for eco-friendly building knowledge and inspiration. Bamboo, being the most sustainable building material, is central to their mission. Bamboo U goes beyond just using bamboo, it brings people together to work with their hands, fostering positive action for the planet. They believe in the responsibility to share their innovations, inspire others, and demonstrate sustainable building practices.