A Green Sanctuary to Reconnect
with Nature in the Heart of Bali

What distinguishes Bali Eco Stay from the rest is that it cannot be found along the well-beaten tourist trails of Bali. Its remote location offers a unique opportunity for travelers seeking something different and off the beaten track to experience another side of Bali – the Bali from 40 years ago with its untouched pristine landscapes and charming villages steeped in profound local customs. Bali Eco Stay aims to create a sustainable business by integrating all possible facets.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"It is hugely rewarding to be able to inspire locals and guests to live more sustainably, caring for nature as she provides and nurtures us."

Bali Eco Stay


• Celebrating Bali's rich heritage

• Guest sustainability education

• On-site water filtering

• On-site permaculture: The hotel grows the majority of their food organically

• Supporting local community for motor & mountain bike hire and trekking services

• Providing & maintaining rubbish stands with reusable bags

• Funding & coordinating a waste collection service in the surrounding 5 villages

• Funding teachers for dance & music classes in surrounding schools

• Financially supporting local sporting groups

• Making regular contributions to local road maintenance projects

• Making monthly contributions to local Banjars (village councils)

• Financially supporting the Nyepi celebrations of surrounding villages

• Donating materials to assist water security in Kanciana

• Financially supporting HIV Treatment Initiative, Bali Peduli

• Financially assisting Bali Starling Conservation Project