Coffee Fanatics, Pastry Mad,
and Sourdough Obsessed

BAKED prides itself on crafting irresistibly delicious food and brewing exceptional coffee, aiming to foster community and ensure repeat visits. The team comprises skilled bakers, baristas, coffee experts, chefs, and designers who continuously strive for excellence. With a commitment to quality, their bakers handcraft nearly every menu item, consistently exploring innovative flavors while upholding high standards. Whenever possible, they prioritize locally-sourced, organic ingredients to reduce their environmental footprint. Though acknowledging imperfection, they endeavor to integrate sustainability into the fabric of the food industry.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Our ethos is simple - through quality coffee and delicious food, we bring people together and create a more mindful cafe experience."



BAKED focuses on quality coffee and delicious food to create connections and a mindful cafe experience. They promote sustainability through small actions, like offering oat lattes at the same price as regular ones, giving discounts to biking customers, and using sourdough end cuts for their soft serve. They use organic, locally-sourced ingredients and serve Single Origin Indonesian coffee. Their baking approach is simple: maximize deliciousness while minimizing environmental impact, embodying the BAKED way to a better future.