Olamii: Crafting Sustainable
Luxury Jewelry with Purpose

April 2024 – Words & Photography by The Punch

Experience the essence of Bali through Olamii, a sustainable, boutique jewelry brand that encapsulates the spirit of the island. Founded by Ola Nechyporenko, Olamii is more than just jewelry; it's a profound love for the ocean and a dedication to empowering local communities while preserving the environment.

Ola's journey began amidst the urban landscape of Ukraine, where her fascination with the ocean first took root. Venturing across Oceania and Indonesia in her twenties, she eventually found her sanctuary in Bali, where her connection with the ocean deepened. For Ola, the ocean symbolizes serenity, self-discovery, and cherished moments with loved ones. Each piece crafted by Olamii is Ola's heartfelt homage to the ocean, inspired by its beauty and tranquility.


Olamii stands firm in the belief that creating exquisite jewellery should not compromise values, the planet, nor communities.


Olamii's journey into crafting luxurious, sustainable jewelry started unexpectedly when Ola encountered Pak Omar, a local pearl craftsman, on the shores of the Gillis. This chance meeting sparked a collaboration that has become central to Olamii's values. Driven by Ola's resolve, Olamii became a source of hope during the pandemic, breathing life into local communities by offering fair wages and avenues for development.


Olamii stands firm in the belief that creating exquisite jewellery should not compromise values, the planet, nor communities. Born amid the challenges of the pandemic, Olamii not only breathed new life into their founder, Ola, but also became a lifeline for Indonesian locals. They had found themselves in survival-mode due to the absence of tourists. Ensuring fair wages, each Olamii purchase serves as a catalyst for the revival of local businesses. The close-knit team in Kerobokan (Bali), led by Ola, is characterised by a genuine, compassionate connection not often found in a workplace. Being a hard worker herself, Ola loves to empower others with the same drive. She gives opportunities to women without any background in the industry, trains them from scratch, all the while fostering a healthy working environment and fair pay. Ola hasn’t only been crafting jewellery with Olamii but also built a small community that thrives on empowerment, compassion, and sustainability.


Olamii is a steadfast advocate for sustainable practices and a thriving circular economy. Being well aware of the fashion industry’s significant carbon footprint, Olamii actively makes conscious choices to lower their impact on the environment. Central to this effort is the brand’s dedication to sourcing their materials   exclusively within Indonesia. The brand proudly selects pearls from the pristine Maluku Islands, ensuring the highest quality with a focus on AAA or AAAA pearls – which have the cleanest lustre. The silver and gold from Papua, adds even more authenticity to every piece.

The meticulous production process of each of Olamii’s designs takes place in the mountains of Bali. The brand works exclusively with local, skilled artisans that craft each piece by hand, minimizing their environmental impact. To ensure the highest quality possible, each design is made of fine Papuan silver plated with  Papuan gold. This is an expensive, yet sustainable process that results in jewellery of unparalleled quality. On top of that Olamii offers a replating and polishing service, because they believe jewellery should last a lifetime.

Olamii's waste management strategy revolves around small-batch production - “Quality over quantity” as Ola puts it perfectly. They don’t deal with any end-of-season surpluses and promote a slower, more mindful approach to fashion. The brand challenges traditional marketing trends and inspires its customers to buy consciously by staying true to its own pace when designing new collections. Olamii goes the extra mile by using handmade, stylish yet plastic-free boxes. And, to make their worldwide deliveries even more sustainable, they opt for recycled packaging.

"By prioritising local sourcing,
local and generational craftsmanship, and mindful waste reduction, Olamii sets a remarkable example of how sustainable practices can redefine the narrative of the fashion industry."


In addition to the brand's sustainable initiatives, Olamii is profoundly dedicated to making a positive global impact. Recent events in Ola's home country of Ukraine have deeply affected her, prompting her to take action. Through the support of Olamii's customers, she successfully raised $12,000 USD for Ukraine, enabling direct assistance to those impacted by the tragic events.

Moreover, Olamii has forged a partnership with Coral Gardeners, a charity focused on coral reef restoration. Coral Gardeners' mission is to transform ocean conservation by spearheading active reef restoration, awareness campaigns, and innovative solutions to safeguard the world's coral reefs. Given Ola's personal connection with the ocean, it was a natural decision for Olamii to contribute to the revival of the reef ecosystem.


Looking ahead, Olamii envisions a future defined by authenticity and collaboration. Eschewing fleeting trends, the brand aims to inspire customers to embrace their individuality boldly. With aspirations for partnerships with influential platforms like Net-a-Porter, Olamii's trajectory knows no bounds under Ola's visionary leadership.


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