Eco Mantra: Environmental
Engineering Consultancy in Bali

Updated April 2024 – Photography by Eco Mantra

Eco Mantra works with visionary leaders and developers to create eco-friendly destinations and experiences by integrating sustainable design principles into the development of one-of-a-kind properties. "Using environmentally sustainable design, and a client-centered approach, we create properties that consume less energy, water, and waste for long term financial savings while reducing the ecological impact, regenerating ecosystems, and strengthening communities.


"We are passionate about the
environment and are determined
to use our knowledge to reduce
the impact development has
on the natural world."


"Our primary focus is to help our clients reduce their environmental impact. That said, we operate our company as a carbon neutral enterprise. We calculate our carbon emissions yearly and mitigate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions through a combination of Renewable Energy Credits and Certified Carbon Credits."


"We are passionate about the environment and are determined to use our knowledge to reduce the impact development has on the natural world. Through Environmentally Sustainable Design, we want to demonstrate that change is possible, to inspire a shift in method and mindset when it comes to shaping the world around us. This is our purpose, and we are enthusiastic about encouraging others to join this important journey into sustainability.

We are experienced environmental engineers who bring a unique combination into the world of development and design: an understanding of both natural sciences and technical engineering. Our journey began in research and operational efficiency audits, giving us a keen understanding of the technical requirements of managers, and of the needs of leaders and businesses. We are confident that our work speaks for itself and that our process is clear, concise, and transparent for partners.

We care about the success of our clients and will do what it takes to make projects successful. We care deeply about the environment and the communities we operate in, so helping clients to navigate environmental challenges and mitigate their own impact also helps us to achieve our own ultimate goal, which is to secure a better future through sustainable development. We believe that developments can have positive social and environmental impact. Progress shouldn’t come at the continuous cost of the environment. With Mantra as your sustainability partner, a future of sustainable development is achievable."


"Our waste is responsibly managed. We strive for zero waste; all organics are self-composted and non-organics are managed by a reputable recycler. Our office is fit-out with recycled and sustainable furniture and finishings. All our water fixtures are low flow and efficient. We have replaced R22 dan R410 refrigerants with hydrocarbon based refrigerants for our ACs."


"Our company founded the NGO Yayasan Bumi Sasmaya which runs the MPH program for Bali, building decentralized community owned Waste management infrastructure in Bali and has built over 15 facilities with another 6 in the pipeline. The MPH facilities process xxx kg of waste per day. We also support an NGO in the water sector, providing technical advice and engineering designs as well as contributing financially to realize water infrastructure projects for marginalized communities."


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