An Oasis of Yoga, Wellness,
and Self Discovery

Located in the heart of Ubud, The Yoga Barn is a welcoming tropical oasis that has been an anchor for the global yoga community since 2007, when it humbly opened its gates, with only one simple studio on the edge of a raging river. The spirit of The Yoga Barn is intrinsically led by the depth of Balinese culture & spirituality, blessed by the Hindu and animistic traditions of Bali, and embraced by the healing medicine of Ubud (Ubad). The Yoga Barn’s expansion over the years into a ‘global yoga epicenter’ has been in direct response to the demand of the students and is fuelled by the passion and positive intentions of all the faculty and staff who participate in keeping the magic alive, daily.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We realize the need to protect our planet and to take advantage of the gifts we have been given, to work towards being of service to others."

The Yoga Barn


In Yoga Barn's construction, conscientious decisions were made to ensure the space is as earth-friendly as possible. Wooden structures were built from recycled antique timber. Mud walls and paints are all-natural whenever possible. Tiles are made from local clay or cement, the staircase railings are crafted from oxen plowshare handles, and the roof is made of traditional Indonesian grass-thatch.


The Yoga Barn offers various programs and education schemes to promote the well-being of its staff. These initiatives include mosquito eradication programs, recycling information, daily staff yoga classes, and diabetes screening and awareness seminars.


Ensuring their operations respect and take action for the natural environment, The Yoga Barn has implemented recycling policies that focus on the Reduce - Reuse - Recycle method. All rubbish is collected and separated on-site and managed by a reputable recycling company in Bali to ensure reusable and recyclable materials do not end up in a landfill. The yoga studios no longer use disposable cups, encouraging guests to use refillable bottles, which are also available for purchase at the reception desks. Additionally, The Yoga Barn has incorporated a greywater system that captures wastewater for reuse in their gardens and actively recycles it. They have also implemented a compost system for their operations.


Community is an intrinsic part of the journey for anyone on the yogic path. The Yoga Barn recognizes the need to protect the planet and utilize the gifts they have been given to serve others. They give back to the Bali community through daily free community classes, charity fundraising events, health education initiatives, and free daily yoga classes for their staff.


Bali faces numerous challenges that may not be apparent to most visitors to the island. These include high levels of trash and plastic waste, areas with low rainfall and limited water supplies, the prevalence of HIV & AIDS among young people, and high mortality rates for mothers during childbirth.

Co-founders of The Yoga Barn, I Made Gunarta and Meghan Pappenhem, have launched two charity outreach programs to address these issues: AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS (Hey! Let’s talk about HIV & AIDS), an HIV & AIDS awareness and education program, and Bali ReGreen, a bamboo reforestation program.