A Family Run Haven for
Nature Lovers in the Heart of Bali

The resort is the perfect place to recharge, revive and get back to nature. Situated on the remote slopes of Mount Batukaru, only 15 minutes walk to Bali’s largest protected rainforest, Sarinbuana is Bali’s first Eco Lodge and a pioneer of Eco Tourism. The lodge at Bali Eco Stay has implemented a comprehensive range of innovative, adaptive, and responsive sustainability practices across its operations and honors local culture and community by featuring traditional Balinese designs, cuisine, and activities, and providing employment and training opportunities for local villagers. They are also actively involved in wildlife conservation efforts, including habitat protection, captive wildlife releases, and supporting breeding projects.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We are Bali’s first Eco Lodge and a pioneer of Eco Tourism on the island operating for over 20 years."

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge


• All natural swimming pool without the use of chemicals

• Only natural cleaning products are used on the property & guest rooms

• Naturally and locally produced soaps in the guest rooms

• Natural laundry soaps to wash all linens

• Only pure mountain water for drinking & showering

• No single use water bottles available

• Ant moats around the building to stop ants entering the buildings

• night lights over fish pond to attract seasonal flying insects

• Energy consumption through main power is limited to a max of 12,000 wt

• Encourages guests to turn off their lights when not in use

• LED light bulbs are used throughout the property

• Front load washing machine (water saving)

• Natural sunlight for drying clothes

• Change of towels only when guests request or every 3rd day

• Sky lights & glass tiles for natural light

• Natural gas for cooking & heating water

• Rechargeable torches are available in the rooms

• No red meat on the menu

• Low flow shower roses in guest showers

• No baths to conserve water

• Vetiver grass hedges and extensive rafus palm platings to stop erosion

• Swales to stop soil and water loss on property

• Mulching the garden to protect the soil, control weeds and minimize watering

• Extensive drainage systems to reduce soil erosion

• Vegetables, spices, fruits & herbs are sourced the on-site own organic gardens

• Organic fertilizers: seaweed concentrate and local cow manure

• Over 150 edible and medicinal plants are available for the restaurant

• Recycled kitchen oil is used for candles at dinner time

• Egg laying Chickens - enjoy organic eggs for breakfast

• Sewage & wastewater is treated through vegetated leachfields

• Glass, plastic bottles & cardboard are recycled at the refuse depot

• Composting all organic wastes & paper (non glossy) onsite for the gardens

• No burning rubbish policy

• Sponsoring monthly rubbish truck with pick ups of rubbish in the village

• Flower arrangements for the hotel are harvested from the permaculture gardens

• Locally made terracotta natural floor tiles

• Bamboo is grown on site for construction purposes

• Local coconut oil for cooking & salad dressing

• Organic coffee is grown in their sons garden nearby to supply our guests & staff

• Locally grown palm sugar, cacao, vanilla & coconuts

• Limiting imported products (from outside Indonesia)

• Seedlings grown on site in the seed area

• Supporting local plantings often not seen in the local markets now

• Planting local flowers and trees annually on the property


• Traditional Balinese designs are featured in the buildings

• Balinese traditional dishes are featured on the menu

• Guest activities employ locals only / Only local villagers are employed

• Local villagers are trained onsite where hotel skills are not available

• Offering local trainees to gain experience in the hotel industry by joining their staff for 3 months

• Employing teachers to teach weekly dance class for children aged 5 – 12 yrs

• Sponsoring local children's English class (seasonally).

• Sponsoring a weekly futsal for young adults - court hire, tournaments & uniforms

• Employing only local craftsmen to make alterations & renovations at the lodge


• Continuous planting to encourage local bird & butterfly population

• Edible landscape and permaculture principles are applied on the property

• No palm oil is used for cooking and meals

• Protection of natural areas including the riparian zone

• No Take zone in the surrounding rainforest Seacology project

• No catching bird zone in the surrounding community

• Tree planting scheme with guest carbon offset

• Monkey rescue: providing safe healthy home for 2 monkeys that can't be rehabilitated back into the wild

• Captive wildlife releases - pangolins, native spotted cat, reticulated pythons, native birds

• Over 20 years encouraging wildlife preservation in the local community

• Bali starling breeding project (working with Begawan foundation)

• Regular donations to Friends of the National Parks