Agriculture that Goes Beyond
Organic & Ecological Agriculture

LYD Organic is a purpose-built farming eco-system in Bedugul, Bali that is built on the foundations of organic permaculture farming. This provides us with a soil rich in biodiversity and minerals, including volcanic Bali soil that is said to improve diet and health. The life and microbiology of the soil is in charge of solubilizing the minerals and giving – through the root – the minerals and nutrients of the plant. In agriculture with chemicals, these kill all life and microbiology of the soil, it is an inert soil without life. In addition to not using synthetic products, it seeks the regeneration of the soil and natural dynamics to recover the fertility and recover the life of all the natural resources that intervene in natural and sustainable agricultural production. The mobilization of minerals in the soil and the presence of greater diversity of these, the greater the amount of organic matter and the higher level of microbial activity are for an essential complement to organic agriculture. Proper management helps us to increase the fertility of the soil and to improve the nutrition and health of plants and people.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"Proper management helps us to increase the fertility of the soil and to improve the nutrition and health of plants and people."

LYD Organic


• Seek to maintain natural balances, integrating the crops in a sustainable way

• Guarantee respect for nature and sustainability in its three aspects- environmental, social and economic

• Produce healthy foods, with higher nutritional value, higher organoleptic value and without chemical residues of any kind

• Continually train and learn from both scientific advancements and personal experience, while also drawing on traditional knowledge as a key source of learning


• Increase soil organic carbon and leverage synergies with livestock when possible

• Use biofertilizers and fermented organic fertilizers like bokashi, made in-house with microorganisms from local forest soil and minerals from Bali volcanoes to nourish plants and boost immunity

• Apply mineral broths to nourish plants and control pests and diseases

• Implement constant crop rotations and beneficial plant associations, adhering to permaculture principles and avoiding single-crop designs