A Unique Sanctuary where
Sustainability meets Luxury

Designed for the conscious traveller, Desa Hay’s spacious and luxurious villas are nestled within lush, private gardens. The bespoke resort is carefully designed to reflect the spirit of the island and provides a deep feeling of tranquility, wellness and harmony with nature. Customized minibars, playlists and amenities complete the sense of modern luxury. At Desa Hay, conscious travel and sustainable luxury are the leading ideas behind every experience. A circular infrastructure and eco-design have been created across the property, local fresh ingredients are sourced for the private restaurant 'Ijo' and recyclable / reusable quality amenities are available in the villas.

Sustainability Profile • Updated May 2024 by The Punch Team

"We believe that if it is not
measured, nothing will change, so we produce annual reports that document and measure our progress around sustainability.”

Desa Hay


Desa Hay carefully considers everything they do to provide their guests with a truly unique and luxurious experience that gives back to the island and minimizes a travel footprint. They are here to ensure all their activities support the community around them and contribute to the protection and conservation of the nature and wildlife of Bali. Desa Hay was built on a blueprint of ESG and a framework that allows them to give back and create real impact across environmental, social, and governance.

The boutique hotel relies largely on solar energy sources. They contribute to replenishing the water table by sponsoring the construction of recharge wells. Their approach to waste management minimizes food waste, and they prioritize the use of materials that can be recycled and composted. Desa Hay actively engages local staff and contractors, utilizes locally sourced produce and materials, and supports local children through the Desa Hay Scholarship Fund.

Desa Hay pays it forward through workshops, events, and training modules, aiming to provide local operators and developers with insights, skills, and understanding on how to build and operate more sustainably. It holds itself to the highest standards and reports on its impact and footprint with full transparency.


• Solar electricity (4,500kwh/month)

• Solar hot water

• Energy switches in place

• LED lighting

• Land use (40% of land was intentionnally not built on)

• Use of carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint


• Recharge wells

• All water is treated and tested monthly to become drinkable

• Waste water processing

• Sequences Batched Reactor System in place


• Locally sourced suppliers & products

• Amenities are assessed for plastic content

• Food waste redirection

• Recycling with Eco Bali

• Composting with Urban Compost


• Desa Hay Scholarship Fund: Developing local talents

• Sustainability education to guests and employees

• Sponsoring local organizations like IDEP

• Participation in educational Eco/Sustainability groups

Booking Rating: Exceptional 9,8