27 Responsible Restaurants
& Bars Driving Positive Change in Bali

27 Responsible Restaurants & Bars Driving Positive Change in Bali

Updated May 2024 • By The Punch Editors

Reflecting the island's rich cultural heritage and diverse influences, Bali's restaurants and bars offer a captivating journey through a wide variety of flavors. From traditional Balinese delicacies to international fusion cuisine, Bali’s culinary landscape is as dynamic and eclectic as the island itself. With a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, the island has become a haven for food lovers seeking memorable dining experiences.

The Punch proudly presents a curated selection of the best responsible restaurants and bars. Each establishment is carefully chosen for its outstanding quality, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to ethical values. This ensures that every meal you enjoy makes a positive impact on both the environment and the people of Bali. Whether you're craving traditional Balinese dishes, farm-to-table cuisine, or international fusion, immerse yourself in Bali's best responsible dining experiences.

Responsible Cafés • Around Bali


Established in 2011, Alchemy is Bali's first 100% raw, organic, and vegan dining destination. Founded by a collective of mindful, creative, and live food enthusiasts, the cafés located in Ubud and Uluwatu are dedicated to honoring Mother Nature, celebrating sustainable living, and nurturing well-being. At its core, Alchemy aims to cultivate a heart-centered culture, championing values of unconditional love, authenticity, health, and gratitude. Recognizing the profound connection between diet and transformation, the restaurant advocates for conscious consumption and positive thought patterns as foundational to personal and collective evolution. Through its offerings and ethos, Alchemy seeks to uplift and nourish both individuals and the planet.


BAKED is a haven for coffee lovers and pastry enthusiasts, and sourdough devotees alike. With a mission to create irresistible fare and craft exceptional coffee, their goal is to foster connections and cultivate loyalty among the patrons. Their diverse team, comprising bakers, baristas, coffee connoisseurs, chefs, and designers, is united by a passion for culinary excellence. Every item on the menu is meticulously handcrafted by their skilled bakers, who continually explore innovative flavors while upholding unwavering standards of quality. BAKED prioritizes locally-sourced, organic ingredients whenever possible, mindful of the environmental impact.


Bokashi presents a unique blend of local Indonesian and international flavors at its grocery store and café. The name "Bokashi" reflects the commitment to sustainability, signifying the repurposing of organic waste to create value. By merging Indonesian ingredients with Japanese influences, Bokashi aims to deliver high-quality, health-conscious offerings that celebrate diverse culinary traditions. Sustainability lies at the heart of the brand and daily operations. From the café and kitchen to the grocery store and management practices, Bokashi prioritizes environmental consciousness and organic principles. The majority of products are sourced from trusted local suppliers, reducing carbon emissions and environmental footprints.


Suka Espresso, a vibrant café with a passion for coffee, fresh wholesome food, and positive energy, began its journey in December 2016 in a modest warung armed with just a coffee machine and a panini press. Over the years, it has transformed into a bustling café, spreading its love for coffee and good vibes. In May 2019, Suka Espresso Ubud joined the family, quickly becoming a favorite in Ubud's thriving coffee scene. Not only does Suka offer Australian-style brunch and quality coffee, but its Ubud location also houses a coffee roastery, ensuring fresh coffee for all By/Suka venues. Alongside its renowned coffee, Suka Uluwatu & Ubud serve up modern Western lunch and dinner options, accompanied by signature cocktails.


Times Beach Warung is more than just a beach warung; it's a nostalgic nod to simpler days. Nestled under the Pura Dalem trees, opposite the local temple, and overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, it invites guests to unwind and savor the moment. In Indonesia, "warung" signifies a small family-owned eatery or café. At Times, it's where the story of a local fisherman, a local ibu (mother) , and a surfer intertwine, creating a space through a local beach Warung where good people gather for good times. Here, time slows down, allowing guests to bask in the simplicity of life, just as it should be.


At Drifter Café Uluwatu, guests can indulge in fresh, healthy fare crafted from locally sourced ingredients. From hearty breakfast options to satisfying lunch and dinner choices, the menu is designed to fuel an active lifestyle. With a focus on organic whole foods, including plant-based and pescatarian dishes, there's something for everyone. In addition, the café proudly serves some of Indonesia's finest coffee from Sumatra. Beyond culinary delights, DRIFTER Uluwatu features a free water refill station and drinking fountain, available to the community at any time. This initiative aims to reduce plastic waste by encouraging guests to opt for reusable bottles instead.

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Located in Canggu, Copenhagen brings a touch of Scandinavian charm and comfort to the tropical setting, offering a unique fusion of cultures. Embracing sustainability, Copenhagen operates on a "too good to go" concept, selling products at a 50% discount on the day of expiry to minimize food waste. Committed to quality, the café prioritizes locally sourced ingredients and in-house products, ensuring a fresh and flavorful dining experience while supporting the local community.


Warung Gouthé offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, accompanied by a delectable selection of dishes. With a commitment to community and sustainability, the restaurant employs local staff, many of whom have been part of the team since its inception in 2016. Embracing a family-like environment, staff members receive ongoing training akin to a culinary school, fostering personal and professional growth. Warung Gouthé takes pride in its role in the community and strives to minimize its environmental impact, exemplifying a dedication to both its patrons and the planet.


Watercress is a culinary pioneer in Bali's café culture, renowned for its commitment to wholesome abundance and inspiring flavors. With a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twist, Watercress offers a delectable array of daily salads and satisfying sides, perfect for mixing and matching. Embracing a health-driven ethos, Watercress collaborates closely with local farmers to select high-quality ingredients, ensuring every dish reflects their profound respect for food. From kitchen preparation to table service, each creation is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an authentic culinary experience. Sourced sustainably and prepared with honesty and care, Watercress invites patrons to indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of flavors and the beauty of wholesome living.

Responsible Restaurants & Bars • Around Bali


Ulekan celebrates beautiful Indonesian recipes passed on from generations before being shared in an elevated dining atmosphere. Well-loved dishes from across the archipelago, selected and served with all the flavours the regions are known for. Made with love, each traditional dish will take you on an aromatic journey through clove, turmeric and ginger. Committed to fostering community bonds, the restaurant exclusively employs local staff, many of whom have been integral members since its establishment in 2016. The team members undergo continuous training akin to a culinary academy, nurturing both personal and professional development.


Riviera Bistro, a lively Mediterranean seafood bistro and bar, opened its doors in Berawa in 2020, quickly becoming a vibrant culinary destination in the area. Led by Chef Emilio, Riviera captures the essence of the French Riviera with its exquisite cuisine, expertly crafted cocktails, and carefully curated wine selection. Whether guests are seeking an intimate dinner for two or a lively celebration with friends, Riviera offers an unforgettable dining experience for every occasion. With its chic ambiance and delectable fare, Riviera invites guests to savor the taste of the French Riviera and create lasting memories in the heart of Berawa.


Launched in June 2019, Warung Local has quickly become the iconic Indonesian culinary hotspot, captivating guests with its tempting buffet of over 40 dishes served daily. Here, guests have the delightful opportunity to curate their own culinary journey, choosing from a diverse array of dishes that showcase the rich tapestry of Indonesian flavors. As a locally owned and operated restaurant, Warung Local exudes an authentic Indonesian ambiance that embodies the essence of the region's culinary heritage. The restaurant is dedicated to providing a dining experience that exceeds expectations, characterized by exceptional cuisine, impeccable cleanliness and an inviting ambience, all underscored by the renowned warmth and hospitality that defines the Balinese spirit.


Discover the allure of SMOKE, where the art of low and slow BBQ cooking is mastered. SMOKE isn't just about food-it's about creating memorable experiences that bring people together around the table. They served juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meats slow-cooked for up to 18 hours, infused with the rich flavors of quality ingredients sourced from local island suppliers.


Discover Mason, a modern Australian culinary gem dedicated to handcrafting delicious dishes from scratch. With a commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably, Mason prides itself on using quality ingredients to create unforgettable flavors. From house-made charcuterie and cheese to wood-fired cooking, every dish showcases the best of Australian cuisine.


Lulu Birstrot offers an unforgettable dining experience that pays homage to the grand cafés of Paris. With a commitment to simplicity and a deep reverence for the culinary traditions of France, you’ll be transported to timeless elegance, where the flavors of carefully curated dishes fill the air. The interior design is an ode to both New York’s brasserie culture and the elegance of modern French Style, with creative energy and relaxed atmosphere, it manages to feel old school and contemporary, refined and rowdy at once. Co-founder Rafael Nardo is a distinguished figure in the world of hospitality and culinary excellence. Born in Brazil, his journey has spanned Europe, Australia, and Asia. He has managed successful venues and collaborated with renowned Chefs. Rafael is on the verge of fulfilling his lifelong dream with “Lulu”, the venue dedicated to his half-French son.


At the heart of SKOOL lies an intimate space designed to foster connection and celebration, amidst the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, guests are invited to embark on a modern gastronomic adventure unlike any other. With a menu that seamlessly blends contemporary flair with a touch of fiery edge, each dish is expertly crafted and kissed by the flames of natural wood and charcoal embers.


Step into Shelter Pererenan, where Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors take center stage in a contemporary culinary journey. This restaurant is a fusion of authenticity and innovation, offering a fresh take on classic dishes inspired by the rich traditions of these regions. With a focus on natural elements and sourcing sustainable produce from local suppliers, every aspect of the venue is designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing flavor.


Woods presents a blend of rustic and farmhouse aesthetics paired with refined culinary techniques, promising a distinct dining affair. Embracing a philosophy rooted in seasonal, fresh, and predominantly local ingredients, their dishes boast vibrant hues and delicate flavors. Their menu showcases a diverse array of options, catering to vegans, vegetarians, seafood enthusiasts, and meat lovers alike. The restaurant's interior design pays homage to nature, with reclaimed wood structures and a preserved tree at its center. Guided by a commitment to highlight the island's culinary offerings in a unique manner, Woods strives to create memorable dining experiences that marry familiarity with innovation.

19. ZALI

Zali embodies the essence of Lebanese hospitality, bringing the warmth and tradition of sharing food from Beirut to its guests. Inspired by a profound love for cuisine and the belief that sharing meals is synonymous with sharing stories and joy, Zali was conceived. Rooted in core values of sustainability, local sourcing, and community engagement, the restaurant seeks to not only tantalize taste buds but also foster a sense of connection and well-being among its guests. The restaurant offers a lot of vegan-friendly dishes to celebrate the variety of fresh and local produce available on the island.


Berawa's drinking space, Souvenir, embraces the idea that good things often come in small packages. Inspired by the cozy neighborhood bars found throughout Japan, this bar accommodates just 12 seats, offering an intimate setting for guests to unwind and enjoy their evening. The owners wanted to create an experience of going out for a drink - whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, even just popping by after work - to be the focus of the experience. Souvenir strives to maximize the use of fruits and vegetables in cocktails by incorporating all parts of the produce, further reducing waste.


Strategically located in Seminyak, Café Bali Seminyak is an ideal destination for all-day dining, catering to guests seeking a relaxing and enjoyable culinary experience. Beyond offering a dining experience, Café Bali Seminyak aims to provide guests with a sense of comfort and serenity, allowing them to escape the chaos of the city. The restaurant seeks to share hearty food and warm hospitality, creating an ambiance reminiscent of home. Café Bali Seminyak draws inspiration from eclectic and bohemian concepts, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for guests. Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a mix of vibrant colors and a fusion of ethnic, hippie, and vintage styles, complemented by traditional Balinese decorations. The ambiance is further enriched by Bombay-style elements that highlight Hindu culture, including colorful flowers and depictions of the deity Ganesha, set against a backdrop of a serene blue pool.

22. KAUM

Kaum, an authentic Indonesian restaurant under the Desa Potato Head Family, is a culinary journey born from a deep appreciation for Indonesia's diverse cultures and flavors. Before opening its first two outlets in Hong Kong and later in Bali, the Kaum team embarked on an exotic culinary expedition across the archipelago. Their goal was to immerse themselves in the indigenous cooking methods, exotic ingredients, and authentic flavors of Indonesia's tribal communities. Embracing sustainability as a core value, Kaum believes that it can offer exceptional experiences without compromising its commitment to the environment. By focusing on three key areas—product, education, and action—Kaum strives to follow a zero-waste philosophy. Through partnerships with local and global changemakers, Kaum aims to lead the way in creating a more sustainable future for the culinary industry.


Transport yourself to colonial Britain in Shanghai during the 1920s at MamaSan, a unique dining venue designed to evoke the ambiance of that bygone era. The space is adorned with colorful displays of retro-inspired flowers, towering up to vintage clocks and a Chinese-patterned mirror. One notable feature is the pair of staircases flanking a service bar, climbing a brick wall to the second level. Beyond its captivating interior, MamaSan is committed to supporting local farmers by collaborating with them to produce consistent crop cycles and secure better incomes. MamaSan cultivates its own vegetables on a farm in Canggu, alongside raising cows and goats.

24. Apéritif

Nestled in Ubud, Apéritif Restaurant introduces guests to a dining concept that seamlessly merges the timeless European tradition of indulging in a pre-dinner drink and canapés. As guests enter the restaurant, they are enveloped in an atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era, evoking the spirit of the roaring twenties. The dining experience unfolds as a captivating journey, inviting guests to savor each moment without haste. Through an eclectic degustation menu showcasing modern global cuisine, diners embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders and tantalizes the palate with diverse flavors and textures.

25. Hujan Locale

Hujan Locale embodies a culinary ethos that focuses on the essence of cuisine, guided by a "found and foraged" philosophy. Inspired by the diverse ingredients and flavors of the Indonesian archipelago, Hujan Locale reflects Chef Will Meyrick's extensive travels throughout the country. Chef Will Meyrick's vision for Hujan is rooted in a return to creating intimate dining experiences centered around slow-cooked food. With a nod to the kitchen's origins and iconic street food style, Hujan Locale stands as a responsible dining destination committed to environmental stewardship and community support.

26. Bartolo

Nestled in Uluwatu, Bartolo is a sophisticated neighborhood bistro offering a delightful array of small but unexpected share plates infused with European flavors. This elegant restaurant and bar prides itself on sourcing locally and seasonally, ensuring each dish bursts with freshness and flavor. Bartolo is committed to sustainability, showcasing zero waste cocktails and an exceptional selection of wines to complement its culinary creations.

27. Mana Uluwatu

Mana has a refined yet laid-back setting in which our guests can savor eclectic, nourishing, flavorful cuisine from the local land and sea – fronted by spectacular ocean views and our 12×15 meter infinity pool suspended over the jungle. The Pool at Mana is also open to outside guests and is as irresistible as it gets. Enjoy cold coconuts, cocktails and hyper-fresh fare from the comfort of shaded lounge chairs and daybeds hand-carved out of reclaimed Java teak by our team of in-house artisans, all beside the turquoise waters of our infinity pool merging with the Indian Ocean. Mana co-founded the Project Clean Uluwatu, which designs, builds and implements waste water management and water gardens to keep Uluwatu beaches clean and safe.