Introducing Bali's First
Sustainable Trade Show

Following the positive outcomes of our B2B Networking Session in May 2023 at Sundara, Four Seasons Jimbaran, The Punch proudly presents The Punch Sustainable Trade Show.

A unique one or two days event open to public that will serve as a vital platform to empower and connect economic leaders, change-makers and suppliers of Bali and Indonesia, share knowledge, showcase the best sustainable solutions available on the island and work together to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and regenerative future in Bali.  

A unique event that will redefine the way we do business while championing a greener, more conscious future through unique key solutions.

Trade shows are a beautiful thing. Where else can sustainable exhibitors meet hundreds of eager prospects searching for solutions under one roof in just a few days?! Not many places, which is why trade shows continue to be an important part of a company’s marketing mix.

From renewable energy solutions and waste reduction technologies to ethical fashion and eco-conscious packaging, we will facilitate the connection between businesses and suppliers by showcasing the best sustainable products and services available on the island, fostering powerful connections and set the stage for an economic landscape where sustainable is the driving force.


1.Suppliers Awareness & Lead Generation

We will invite our guests to step into a world of innovation as we unveil top-notch sustainable products and services from Bali’s best suppliers. A day to witness the future of commerce, thoughtfully crafted for a better world. Each displayed product and service will have a sustainable or regenerative story to tell – inspiring and influencing a movement towards conscious consumption and future trends.

2.Network & Relationship Building

The Punch Trade Show will be all about networking and fostering partnerships. We’re creating a pathway for businesses and suppliers to unite, collaborate, and step up their impact on this sustainability journey.  

3.Insights from Experts

Guests will be able to immerse themselves in our engaging exhibitions and panel talks. To dive deep into discussions that are full of insights, actionable advices, and tools to drive businesses towards a more sustainable and prosperous path.

Agenda Options

One-Day Event

As a one-day event, The Punch Trade Show will optimize time and logistic to deliver an unforgettable experience for all stake-holders involved in this event.

Two-Days Event

As a two-days event, The Punch Trade Show will offer more time for suppliers to connect with a wider audience of businesses looking for solutions.

Both options will include:

  • Exhibitors booths 
  • Panel discussions with sustainability experts 
  • Specific suppliers chosen to describe ‘hero’ products & services
  • The Punch Marketplace & Impact presentation
  • A mediator guiding guests with a microphone
  • Food & Beverage available throughout the day
  • Q&A session 
  • Sunset Networking session

What this event will require

Curated Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions in Bali & Indonesia.

Suppliers play an essential role in businesses’ sustainable journey. Sustainable goals will only be achievable within the supply chain if key trusted suppliers are fully engaged and understand their role in providing solutions. The Punch carefully curates the best sustainable suppliers offering solutions in Bali and Indonesia. 

From sustainable building & design essentials, furniture, textiles, waste management to B2B solutions, fashion, food & beverage and mobility, explore our curated selection the best local distributors, designers, artisans, farmers and artists offering sustainable and regenerative solutions in Bali and Indonesia.

Suppliers categories:

  • Building & Design 
  • Sustainable Consulting
  • Energy & Water Conservation 
  • Materials & Textile 
  • Furniture & Decoration 
  • Mattresses & Sheets
  • Sustainable B2B Essential Products
  • Fashion Manufacturers & Fabrics
  • B2B Fashion & Beauty brands
  • Food & Beverage Brands 
  • Farmers & Artisans
  • Waste Management
  • Sustainable Mobility