“Thousands of small, imperfect commitments add up and have the power to inspire and create big change.”
Audrey PETRELLUZZI, Founder


In a world facing serious environmental and social challenges, adopting responsible systems and lifestyles have never been more crucial for our quality of life. Increasingly, consumers are actively looking for education, transparency, and seeking out ways they can contribute towards positive change leading to a possible future. And that’s where we come in.

As the first global platform dedicated to facilitating responsible change across a variety of industries, The Punch encourages brands to continue practicing or to take a minimum of five responsible commitments as part of the following categories:

Management Commitments
Sustainability management
Minimizing carbon emissions
Sustainable designs
Consumer awareness

Management Commitments
Sustainability management
Minimizing carbon emissions
Sustainable designs
Consumer awareness

Social Commitments
Staff engagement
Local & Equal employment
Fair employment
Accessible for all

Community Commitments
Sustainable purchasing
Responsible production & packaging
No single use plastic
Waste management

Community Commitments
Energy conservation
Water conservation
Biodiversity conservation
Culture & heritage conservation

Community Commitments
Local purchasing
Community support
Community education
Community sustainable guidance



Fashion – Clothing

Faithfull is the creation of two globe-trotters with a love for travel and a vision to inspire women around the world to live well-travelled and inspiring lives. Our prints are inspired by findings in vintage markets and along our travels. In this way, travel plays a very special role in our design process – we love when we discover a rare and beautiful print oversees or in an exotic, unexpected location. Produced entirely in Bali, we maintain close relationships with all our local factories and employees after having worked directly with them for almost a decade.

Staff engagement | Equal & local employment | Efficient purchasing & packaging | Waste management | Community support


Full Profile

Kayu Surfboards

KAYU Surfboards’ main product offerings are Hollow Wooden Blanks and Wooden Surfboards.


Chilli Surfboards

Chilli plays a game of details. Chilli is more than foam and resin. They keep it unique and are careful about their environment and communities.


We Are Mindful

We love to support local and Australian makers. We have a focus on natural based or organic ingredients and fibres and where possible, sustainable, fair trade and ethically produced products.



We see jewelry as a way to express yourself and we strive to give you that personal touch. At Wildthings, we believe that you should be yourself and nothing other than that.


Paradise Row

We have created a brand to champion and cherish East London's heritage and talent.


Salt Gypsy

Drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells, Salt Gypsy is a women's surf lifestyle company celebrating female surf athleticism and style in the lineup.

As one of the ambassadors of The Punch.
I believe that we all have a role to play in driving positive change.

As a model, I try to understand what brands I work with are doing to improve, so they don’t have our planet.

We are not perfect, but we can do better.