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“A fascinating publication giving hope for the future of tourism.”

200+ Businesses Committed to Minimizing their Footprint in Bali

Covering all tourism stakeholders of Bali, Indonesia – from hotels, restaurants and bars, beach clubs to spas and stores, The Punch Guide highlights the sustainable efforts and positive impact of the most relevant places to visit and shop.

Through a unique curation, extraordinary stories, interviews and sustainability insights, The Punch takes you behind the scenes to experience a new kind of travel and celebrate incredible businesses that are achieving sustainability through creativity and innovation in Bali, Indonesia.

What’s inside the guide

  • 156 Pages of exclusive content 
  • 200+ Best places to visit in Bali 
  • All practical information needed for your trip
  • Carefully curated Bali itineraries 
  • Exclusive behind the scenes stories 
  • Change-makers interviews
  • Best organizations to support in Bali 
  • The Punch sustainability glossary

The Punch Guide Discovery Days May 15 – 31, 2023

In an island facing serious environmental & social challenges, we believe that a collective response is needed. From promoting businesses’ commitments, sharing inspiring interviews, hosting impactful events and providing educational tools to businesses, The Punch accelerates the transition towards a sustainable future in Bali. 

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