Asked Questions

About The Punch

What is The Punch Community?

The Punch is a global platform that identifies and encourages brands to take simple but impactful sustainable commitments, get promoted and connect with worldwide conscious consumers. 

A community of the most relevant and responsible brands acting for the future of our planet and our people.

In addition to providing transparency, raising awareness, and engaging consumers with responsible brands, The Punch also shares its global positive impact with the community and reinforces positive impactful behavior.

Timeline for the launch of The Punch

The Punch digital platform: August 2021 | The Punch printed guide: November 2021.

What is the Punch Method?

Through our simple method, The Punch encourages brands to commit to a minimum of five responsible commitments as part of the following categories:
Plan (Management commitments)
Upgrade (Social commitments)
Neutralize (Environmental commitments)
Conserve (Conservation commitments)
Honor (Community commitments)

The Punch Commitments

Checking commitments made by The Punch members

The Punch is built on the principles of trust and transparency.
By listening to our members and creating a clear channel of communication between businesses and consumers, we help them to do the best they can.
We also partner with sustainability experts to run quality reports and measurements, providing our members with expert insight into how they can improve their practices and support change on a global scale.

My brand is committed to more than 5 commitments

Great work! All your practices and commitments will be listed and detailed through our digital platforms and guide.

My brand is fully sustainable

Welcome to our Community. As a fully sustainable brand, you are a leader in this field and an inspiration for others.
We are proud to have you on board. Our community is a space for everyone who is trying to improve their business practices. We hold up brands like yours, that lead by example, as the gold standard. We aim to inspire others to follow in your footsteps and facilitate global change, 5 commitments at a time. 

My brand is not fully sustainable

Welcome to our Punch Members. Our focus as a community is to move forward, creating a safe space for business to take action towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future. We celebrate positive impact, and as long as you are transparent with your achievements, we are happy to celebrate your commitments, no matter how big or small. Do not underestimate the power of imperfect actions, they add up and build the momentum to inspire and create big change.

My commitments are a work in progress

Our community is based on the principle of transparency which means that you will be sharing with us how your commitments are evolving. We don’t expect perfection; our focus is on improvement.

Members that don't follow their commitments

Trust and transparency are at the core of what we do.
Members that don’t uphold these principles will be suspended from our channels until they have re-established their commitment to The Punch ethos. 

The Punch Members

The Punch curation of brands / members

The Punch is carefully curating quality brands committed to positive change, transparency and value. 


The Punch offers one-year memberships to global brands. 

What do members get from joining The Punch?

  • Positioning their brand as a responsible company to consumers
  • A premium and complete membership web page
  • Sustainable product features in The Punch Shop
  • Constant marketing & media presence working together with world’s top PR
  • A premium article into The Punch Guide 2022 promoting hundreds of responsible brands to a global customer base.

The Punch Printed Guide

Sustainability aspects of our guide

The Punch guide is printed using recycled paper and non-toxic ink, where all carbon from production and distribution is offset in partnership with the Carbon Trust.

The launch date of the printed guide

The Punch printed guide is scheduled to launch in November 2021.

The Punch guide content

Our lifestyle guide, The Punch, is focused on the post-2020 living. An annual publication at the forefront of an emerging movement exploring and expanding the intersection between sustainability and modern consumerism. Our focus is to balance an optimistic vision of our future with the responsible measures we all need to address as leaders, consumers, and creatives.
We partner with credible humans that carry storytelling skills and fine design eye to engage broader audiences with bigger-picture ideas. Our content is built in collaboration with photographers, colonists, writers across the world featuring interviews with some of our role models, articles on contemporary issues, optimistic views of the future, with inspiring photography.

How members are featured in the guide

Our members are featured as living examples of the topics we are addressing in our content and in our responsible brands listing by categories.

What are the partnerships of The Punch?

Our partnerships have a global-scale, focused on community building, and are creatively led for the conscious consumer.
Our partnerships are designed across 3 pillars:

Ambassadors & Creativity: Entrepreneurs, designers, artists, influencers, and ambassadors share their thoughts about a responsible future, try products, share their feedbacks and even customize goods from our punch members.

Global commitment: A global commitment launch translated into products.
With several of the punch members participating, each brand launches or relaunches a product that translates a specific commitment.

Global organizations: Through The Punch community, we connect global organizations with brands, customers, and individuals to educate about social and environmental issues and solutions.

Distribution of The Punch Guide

20,000 copies of The Punch Guide will be distributed around the world across 100+ selling points including trendy concept stores, fashion stores, book stores, hotels & cafés, airports.