Asked Questions

About The Punch

What is The Punch Community?

In a world facing serious environmental challenges, we believe that a strong community of relevant, responsible brands have the power to change the course of climate change.

The Punch is a powerful community of responsible brands joining forces to raise awareness about their positive impact.

A movement to raise global awareness about how responsible consumerism can change the course of climate change. 

We measure the positive impact of our community with sustainability experts and create global awareness about our brand members through our web platform, our printed guide and our global communication working with top PR, relevant ambassadors, partners and attending key events.

The Punch offers an opportunity for businesses to become part of something bigger. Our focus is to support our members on communicating their efforts and achievements, so they can be recognised as change-makers, future positive businesses. 

To make us stronger, we bring diversity to our curation of brands where they all have at least one thing in common: the drive to do better. We promote the different solutions and aesthetics of the post-2020 living, answering some of the deepest desires of worldwide consumers; that organisations take responsibility with transparency, care and optimism. 


The Punch is carefully curating quality and relevant responsible brands committed to positive change and transparency. Brands are selected by sustainable criteria, category and region to help consumers make better purchase decisions.


The Punch empowers relevant and responsible brands that are committed to a minimum of five responsible actions as part our method:

  • Plan: Management commitments 
  • Upgrade: Production commitments 
  • Neutralize: Waste commitments
  • Conserve: Conservation commitments 
  • Honor: Community commitments 


Brands can apply to join The Punch online via our business application form or via email before June 17, 2022. 

We welcome relevant, responsible Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle brands around the world. Brands must be committed to a minimum of five responsible actions as part of our indicators. 

The Punch Commitments

Checking commitments made by The Punch members

The Punch is built on the principles of trust and transparency.
By listening to our members and creating a clear channel of communication between businesses and consumers, we support them navigate through their sustainable journey step by step. 
We partner with sustainability experts to run quality reports and measurements, providing our members with expert insight into how they can improve their practices and support change on a global scale.

My business is not fully sustainable

Our focus as a community is to move forward, creating a safe space for business to take action towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future. As long as you are transparent with your achievements, we are happy to celebrate your commitments, no matter how big or small. Do not underestimate the power of imperfect actions, they add up and build the momentum to inspire and create big change.

My business is fully sustainable

As a fully sustainable business, you are a leader in this field and an inspiration for others.
We are proud to have you on board. The Punch is a space for everyone who is trying to improve their business practices. We hold up brands like yours, that lead by example, as the gold standard. We aim to inspire others to follow in your footsteps and facilitate global change, 5 commitments at a time.

Members that don't follow their commitments

Trust and transparency are at the core of what we do.
Members that don’t uphold these principles will be suspended from our channels until they have re-established their commitment to The Punch ethos. 

The Punch Printed Guide

What is The Punch guide?

The Punch guide is a world-first guidebook about the extraordinary power of responsible brands; an online and printed publication exploring and expanding the intersection between responsibility and modern consumers.

The Punch explores the power of a global responsible community by promoting committed brands and to a global customer base and positions these businesses alongside hundreds of other ‘best-in-class’ businesses.

We partner with incredible humans that carry storytelling skills and fine design eye to engage broader audiences with bigger-picture ideas.

When is the punch guide launching

The Punch Guide is launching October 22, 2022. 

Distribution of The Punch Guide

Our worldwide distribution includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM and hundreds of other online and physical retailers in over 100 countries.

What are the benefits of being featured in The Punch

Being featured in The Punch guide provides confidence that your brand is acting to minimize its environmental and social footprint. Offering full transparency about your efforts,  The Punch is a great opportunity to be part of an impactful community driving positive change, being recognised as a responsible business and connecting with millions of conscious travelers.

The Punch Shop

What is The Punch Shop?

The Punch Shop is an interactive shopping platform where customers can discover and select ‘Responsible products” by sustainable criteria, brand categories, currencies and by region to minimize the carbon emissions due to shipping.

How does The Punch Shop works?

The Punch shop help consumers make better, responsible purchase decisions. Using our filters, consumers are able to search what they are looking for and are redirected to brands website for their purchase. 

What is a responsible product ?

The Punch considers a responsible product as one that minimizes its negative impact on our planet and our people.

Responsible products are part of the following categories:

  • Animal cruelty-free
  • Empowering local communities
  • Promoting equal and fair employment
  • Ethical
  • Fair trade
  • Contributing to forest conservation
  • Free from plastic
  • Locally-sourced
  • Low emission
  • Plant based
  • Organic
  • Recycled
  • Timeless
  • Produced sustainably