OSKIA Skincare is a nutri-cosmeceutical skin care brand that specialises in bio-cellular skin nutrition. We are a British, clean, naturally derived brand. We only use nature-identical (ie peptides) clean ingredients that are kind to your skin and our environment. We work to Natural Standard ISO 16128 to give all our products a percent of natural and natural origin (around 99%). We’ll never use potentially harmful ingredients and much research goes into every single ingredient that we do use as well as the ingredients that we have chosen not to use. We would describe ourselves as 'Clean Tech'. Our key ingredients to avoid are alcohol, SLS’s, Proplylene Glycol, silicon, synthetic dies, mineral oil, chemical sunscreens (in particular oxybenzone), phthalates and some essential oils (not all are made equal).



Waste Management
Waste Management
Responsible Shipping
Responsible Shipping
Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Designs
Sustainable Designs


Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make, from formulation to packaging and everything in between. We calculate over 98% of our packaging to be recyclable and 97% of our ingredients and packaging sustainably sourced, and we will not be satisfied until we reach 100%. We don’t and have never tested on animal and we do not sell in China.

We are committed to updating our packaging and are in the process of phasing out plastic tubes and switching to tubes made from Sugar Beet or glass, along with all plastic spatulas which will now be made out of Rose Quartz. All our paper and outer packaging is either from recyclable materials or are recyclable.

In our family owned factory in Wales we use as many environmentally friendly processes as possible, from solar panels to the eco paints in our offices. We believe in HONESTY with our products no gimmicks, no marketing tricks, no inflated prices, just 100% transparency and products that work. We are proud of what we are doing.

Lactoferrin +
US$ 87.00
Rest Day Cleansing Milk
US$ 52.00
US$ 82.00
Renaissance Cleansing Gel
USD $50
Restoration Oil
USD $104.00
Bedtime Beauty Boost
USD $124.00


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