Best Hotels Driving Positive
Change in Canggu & Seminyak, Bali

Updated April 2024 – By The Punch Editors 

Surrounded by rolling rice fields and the Indian Ocean on Bali's South West Coast, Canggu has evolved from a surfing haven to a bustling hub beloved by travelers and expats alike. Known for its world-class surf breaks, bohemian atmosphere and thriving culinary scene, Canggu offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness and contemporary sophistication.

Nestled on the west coast of Bali, between the bustling streets of Kuta and the tranquil rice paddies of Canggu, Seminyak enjoys a prime location that attracts travelers seeking a taste of cosmopolitan paradise amidst tropical beauty. Seminyak is renowned for its stunning beaches, including the iconic Seminyak Beach and Petitenget Beach, where visitors can bask in the sun and watch breathtaking sunsets. Besides the modernity of Seminyak, the nearby Petitenget Temple, a sacred Hindu temple dating back to the 16th century, offers a glimpse into Bali's rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions.


Description of the areas – Bambu Indah prides itself on combining the best of antique architecture and design, innovative bamboo architecture with modern and sustainable practices in a luxury environment. They named this collection of antique teak homes Bambu Indah, which translates to beautiful bamboo.

“From permaculture gardens and water filtration, bamboo buildings and smart cross breeze in the houses, trash walks with guests and staff to stainless steel reusable bottles for the entire team, we at Bambu Indah work tirelessly at not only being sustainably conscious but raising awareness with everyone around us.”


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Where to Stay
in Canggu & Around


Desa Hay is a unique sanctuary where sustainability meets luxury. Designed for the conscious traveller, this boutique hotel’s spacious and luxurious villas are nestled within lush, private gardens. The bespoke resort is carefully designed to reflect the spirit of the island and provides a deep feeling of tranquility, wellness and harmony with nature.

At Desa Hay, conscious travel and sustainable luxury are the leading ideas behind every experience. A circular infrastructure and eco-design have been created across the property, local fresh ingredients are sourced for the private restaurant ‘Ijo’ and recyclable / reusable quality amenities are available in the villas. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Baung, Sayan // +62 361 977922 // // @bambuindah


Grün Canggu is nestled into a corner of Northern Canggu overlooking spectacular rice fields and lush greenery, featuring breathtaking sunsets. The perfect setting to settle into a sense of ease and embrace the natural environment and beauty. An ideal place for those seeking the peace and appreciation of nature and unwind.

Grun Canggu was built by Stilt Studios which creates and operates prefabricated design studios that tread lightly on Earth. Stilt Studios believes in creating a special accommodation experience for their guests and customers with creativity and innovation in design & production. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Experience the tropical Bali in the middle of striving Canggu. Set in amongst lush tropical gardens this property consists of four spacious one-bedroom apartments, each with its own unique design elements, local art and color palette. Local materials can be found throughout, with examples of specialist craftsmanship visible. 

The Bohemian strives to be a sustainable company with the smallest possible environmental footprint. The property generates 30% of its energy from solar, 100% of its hot water from a solar-powered heat pump. Other responsible actions include: No single-use plastic, guest transportation by electric car , use of an electric scooter , small building footprint, and use of recycled furniture. Interaction with local artists and preservation of local traditions. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Escape Haven invites you to experience absolute indulgence. You will be nurtured, supported and pampered so you can return home truly revitalised and with a full tank. The retreat allows you to experience freedom from all the responsibilities of daily life, with an experienced, friendly and dedicated Bali retreat team that make you feel like family from the moment you arrive

By choosing to retreat with Escape Haven, you are making a conscious and positive stand for the world you wish to support. From supporting local farmers and suppliers, conserving water, reducing plastic and growing a foundation to support orphans of Bali, Escape Haven is committed to make a difference in the way they operate. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


White Goose Boutique Hotel is all about the laid-back island lifestyle. A fresh boutique accommodation experience located in the heart of Canggu, just a few leisurely steps, skips or hops away from Berawa’s crashing surf and sandy beach.

Whitegoose only uses reusable crockery, all bathroom amenities are made from paper or bamboo from the comb to the toothbrush. The hotel offers complimentary reusable glass water bottles in the rooms and is committed to minimize energy. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


ZIN is a lifestyle and experience group bridging boutique villas, resort hotels, restaurants, cafe, spa, co-working and shops. A one stop destination to work, stay, play. Supporting social and environmental sustainability is an integral part of the ZIN company culture. The management aims to create businesses with sustainable footprints that support positive long term social impact. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Sitting on a 3,300 square meters plot of beautifully landscaped land blending luxurious local architecture with an international touch in décor and comfort, Mondo offers several different activities to match all active travellers.

Mondo maintains a local architecture and is not willing to change for a commercial industrial look. The village was built respecting the variety of plants / old trees and prepares all its meals with local market products to support the local communities and economy. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga is a hidden tropical green oasis tucked away from the noisy crowds and only 150m away from the beach. Offering both variety and affordability in its yoga schedule, at Serenity, you can choose from more than 10 daily yoga classes, up to 20 different yoga styles, budget-friendly packages, as well as weekly workshops.

The property promotes earth-friendly initiatives which include composting, separation of rubbish, harnessing solar power energy and using natural insecticides & pesticides to nurture their permaculture garden. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Tamu Seseh takes you back to the essence of this beautiful tropical island. Set in the beautiful rice fields on the southwest coast of Bali, Tamu Seseh’s private pool villas are architecturally inspired by the surrounding village, with contemporary luxuries.

Tamu Seseh is actively involved in the local village council, village activities, supporting the local temple, and is in the process of establishing a ‘Villa Owners Association’ to establish a platform for, amongst others, supporting local schools and improving the environment. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight


Located in Tabanan, 15-minute drive away from Canggu, Bali Beach Glamping facilities include 40 tents, a 180-degree infinity swimming pool, beachfront restaurant and bar, a fun swing, spa, gym and 1000sqm beachfront lawn.

Bali Beach Glamping has worked with an international luxury tent designer to offer luxury tented villas and allow guests to be at one with nature. The opening of the resort has contributed to open around 100 job positions to support the local communities through difficult times. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // +62 361 4792888 // // @bismaeight

Where to Stay
in Seminyak


Desa Potato Head is a creative village by the ocean where music, art, design, food and wellness play together. Set on the sand and surf of Petitenget Beach, Seminyak, Bali, the property is made-up of Potato Head Beach Club and a hotel, composed of 226 guest rooms. More than a place to visit or stay, the Desa is intended to inspire creativity, balance and progress for the future.

With the belief that their approach to sustainability leads to a far better experience for the consumer, Desa Potato Head focuses their efforts in 3 areas to follow a zero waste philosophy: Product – Beautiful x Sustainable, Education – Local x Global Change-makers & Action – First Mover x Commitment. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Baung, Sayan // +62 361 977922 // // @bambuindah


W Bali – Seminyak is a hotel where luxury suites and villas decked with signature W style combine with poolside vibes, crashing ocean waves, and tropical heat.

W Bali focuses on waste management, food waste, water & energy reduction. The resort has selected a dedicated sustainability champion and created a Green Team to be developed and trained in order to channel communication and initiatives across property. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Baung, Sayan // +62 361 977922 // // @bambuindah


Overlooking the famous Seminyak coastline, Double Six stands by a set of commitments to protect the environment by implementing a feasible sustainability program in their daily operations.

The resort strictly follows all Balinese and temple traditions, such as daily offerings and celebrating auspicious days. All staff wear Endek on Tuesdays and Balinese outfits on Thursdays. To maintain the cleanliness of groundwater and tap water in Bali, the sewage disposable system at Double-Six is in collaboration with Denpasar Sewerage Development Project. Tags are distributed in every suite to encourage guests to minimize the changing of daily towels and bed sheets. The resort has a waste management in place and offers refillable bathroom amenities, reusable glass mineral water bottles, biodegradable straws in all dining outlets. The used cooking oil is also recycled in collaboration with a waste treatment company. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Baung, Sayan // +62 361 977922 // // @bambuindah

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