Best Responsible Hotels in The Bukit: Bingin, Padang Padang & Uluwatu

Between Bingin, Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Nyang Nyang, The Bukit Peninsula is all about magnificent white sand and clear water beaches, world famous surf spots and breathtaking views. 

Discover our unique curation of the best responsible hotels committed to minimizing their environmental / social footprint and driving positive change in the Bukit. The Punch Hotels are selected for the quality of their services, sustainable commitments and values. 

Where to Stay
in The Bukit


Built with respect for its natural surroundings, Uluwatu Surf Villas clifftop resort is a sacred space to rebalance and get away. With unique dwellings, wholesome cuisine, soulful movement through yoga, and world class surfing, Uluwatu Surf Villas provide an authentic Balinese experience for spirited travellers seeking rustic refinement.

The villas have co-founded the Project Clean Uluwatu, which designed, built and implemented grey water systems, waste-water management and water gardens to keep Uluwatu beaches clean & safe. The property has also reached a milestone in water conservation, surpassing over 1 million liters of underground fresh water storage collected from rain water catchments and reclamation systems. View Sustainable Profile

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The Asa Maia in an intimate wellness retreat in Bali’s starkly picturesque Uluwatu peninsula. Set within lush gardens, the 10 freestanding Indonesian heritage guest suites, spa, restaurant, bar and lounge, as well as the library, yoga shala, gym, Himalayan infrared sauna and thermal pools, surround a beautiful saltwater swimming pool.

About 90% of the woods being used at The Asa Maia are recycled wood. Other responsible actions include: the use of reverse osmosis system to remove water impurities, operating without single-use plastic, managing food waste and celebrating mindful cuisine. View Sustainable Profile

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Mu Boutique Resort’s exclusive & secluded cliff top location. Soak in the spectacular views and experience the luxurious ocean’s soothing qualities of Mu. The bungalows are made from eco-friendly and natural organic recycled materials, the restaurant uses exclusively local ingredients. View Sustainable Profile

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Mahi Mahi offers boutique villas & suites in the heart of Bingin. Perfect for those looking for a place for friends and families to gather together or simply a romantic gateway for two, Mahi Mahi Bingin villas and suites are designed with a feel of luxury inspired by the ocean. Responsible actions include: having a rain water catchment & bio septic tanks in place, conserving energy using LED lights & sensors and  using eco-friendly cleaning products. View Sustainable Profile

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Surrounded by white beaches and world class surf breaks, Mule Malu is a peaceful oasis hidden on the Bingin cliff top, within walking distance to Bingin Beach and a short drive to the famous beaches of Dreamland, Padang Padang and Uluwatu. A central location for surfers as well as a perfect base to explore the beauty of the bukit peninsula. Mule Malu’s responsible actions include water conservation, solar water heating, thermal insulation, sustainable sourcing and plastic-free operations. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // // @bismaeight

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The Temple Lodge is a responsible boutique hotel and restaurant located on the clifftop of Bingin. Responsible actions include having a filtered drinking water system, serving organic homemade food and seasonal Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic recipes. The building is made of natural materials sourced in Indonesia. View Sustainable Profile

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The Korowai is a boutique hotel with five wooden cabins, all with ocean views. The architecture of the cabins are inspired from on the traditional houses of the Korowai tribe. The cabins located in the middle of the cliff jungle have a direct access to a secluded beach. The absolute gem is the honeymoon suite, with an extended sunset deck and private plunge pool.

The Korowai was built using natural materials and around the rocks, instead of demolishing them and using wooden bridges to connect the different areas. The hotel constantly clean the river that flows into the ocean during the rain season and removes plastic in the area. View Sustainable Profile

Jl. Bisma No68, Ubud // // @bismaeight

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