13 Responsible Stores
Driving Positive Change in Bali

Discover our curation of Bali's best responsible stores for a feel-good shopping trip! These stores blend style, quality, and eco-consciousness for a shopping experience that's as kind to the planet as it is to your home or wardrobe. When you shop at these stores, you're not just buying products – you're empowering businesses that care about the island and its people. Join us in making a positive difference by shopping responsibly in Bali. Check out our top picks for stores that excel in quality, sustainability, and ethics.


Updated May 2024 • By The Punch Editors

Grocery Stores

Lifestyle Stores

Responsible Stores • Groceries


The Bokashi grocery store is a hotspot for sustainable living, offering locally grown, organic produce and goods. They're all about caring for the environment and bringing you top-notch artisanal products. From organic coffee to delightful teas, pantry essentials to gourmet delights, Bokashi has something for everyone, all while promoting a healthier lifestyle. What makes Bokashi stand out is their fantastic Bokashi Chef product line. They've got a great selection of oils, butters, pickles, sauces, and more, all carefully crafted to take your cooking to the next level. And guess what? They're also big on reducing waste! Bokashi encourages eco-friendly packaging options, like using reusable containers or canvas bags for bulk buys, so you can say goodbye to single-use plastics. They source ingredients locally, from salt farmers to fishermen to honey farms, partnering with suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability.


Alive Wholefoods is dedicated to sustainability, health, and community, offering a wide range of organic produce, bulk wholefoods, groceries, eco household items, and natural personal care products, promoting conscious living. Shopping here supports ethical suppliers, farmers, and artisans, prioritizing both customers' well-being and the environment. Alive Wholefoods aims to make fresh, healthy, and organic produce accessible to all at fair prices, while minimizing its ecological footprint through practices like wrapping in banana leaves and reducing plastic usage. Their carefully selected products reflect a commitment to quality, sustainable farming, and community support initiatives.


Bali Buda healthy food restaurants and stores are driven by a passion for offering top-quality food to those pursuing healthier lifestyles. With a focus on preserving Indonesia's agricultural heritage and promoting environmental sustainability, the business actively supports local communities, social causes, and non-profit organizations. For over 27 years, Bali Buda has remained committed to providing delicious, nourishing meals and handmade foods, empowering individuals to embrace healthy living while championing triple-bottom line sustainability principles.

Responsible Stores • Lifestyle


Cove celebrates a relaxed yet luxurious experience with a tropical island atmosphere, featuring a thoughtfully selected range of fashion, homewares, and art. Inspired by coastal destinations like Ibiza, Mexico, and Bali, the lifestyle store brings together fashion, handcrafted pottery, vintage finds, and limited edition artworks. Committed to simplicity and sustainability, Cove focuses on creating and selling timeless pieces. In partnership with four family-owned factories that share similar values, Cove ensures that over 80% of its products are made by women-owned companies, supporting women in the workplace.


Located in Canggu & Uluwatu, Fields of Yarrow is a sanctuary for organic and natural skincare enthusiasts. Their exquisite line of products harnesses the power of plant-based ingredients predominantly sourced from the Indonesian archipelago, meticulously chosen for their unparalleled benefits to the skin. Crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and efficacy, and embracing the philosophy of 'quality over quantity', Fields of Yarrow goes against mass-production in favor of a more intimate approach, collaborating closely with their supply chain to procure only the finest raw materials available.


Jia translates to "home" in Chinese, while OCK represents its sister company, Ong Cen Kuang. Established in 2021, Jia by OCK is a Bali-based home accessories store dedicated to offering a collective retail experience and styling service centered on craft, design, and culture. Co-founders Budiman Ong, Rudi Winata, and Yang Yang Hartono are driven by the priority of creating a vibrant ecosystem of creative communities in Indonesia, leading them to establish a platform for the exchange of instinctual energy and passion. At Jia, storytelling and collaboration are highly valued as the primary pillars guiding initiatives and brand curation.


Drifter stores in Seminyak and Uluwatu are the go-to spots for surfers and adventurers, offering top-quality products since 2008. Originating as an independent retail store and café, Drifter Surf has evolved into a hotspot featuring a diverse collection of island lifestyle products, along with unique surfboards and handpicked travel books. A unique place where coffee and stories flow freely, celebrating a deep passion for freedom, travel, ocean exploration, and sustainability.


Kate Wood Originals, founded in Amsterdam in 2012, began with wooden sunglasses and watches. Focused on sustainability, they prioritize handcrafted items made from renewable resources, aiming for a lasting legacy. Using wood and bamboo, they create lightweight, comfortable products with unique designs inspired by nature and craftsmanship.

Responsible Stores • Fashion


Magali Pascal is an international women's fashion label celebrating modern femininity and authentic craftsmanship, with a focus on designing clothing for elevated, tropical living at its core. From the beginning, Magali Pascal has been committed to collaborating with Balinese artisans and using natural, high-quality fabrics to create hand-made garments that reflect the brand's values.


Indosole footwear celebrates a lifestyle of resourceful creation, crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, using repurposed tires and natural materials. With a mission to lead as the most responsible and environmentally conscious footwear company globally, Indosole delivers high-quality, vegan footwear suitable for travel, adventure, and everyday life.


Les.Basics promotes a minimalist, comfortable, and timeless style, offering a thoughtfully curated selection of everyday wardrobe essentials. Prioritizing quality, versatility, and fit, the brand embraces enduring designs that surpass fleeting trends. Encouraging customers to prioritize joy over size concerns, Les.Basics empowers a positive outlook. Each piece is meticulously crafted in limited quantities, reflecting the brand's commitment to conserving natural resources and minimizing waste. Hand-crafted with care, their products are designed to endure, ensuring timeless elegance.


Located in Uluwatu and led by passionate women who value timeless and versatile design, The Find focuses on craftsmanship and quality in every piece. Collaborating with local artisans, founder Tina Gulino creates beautiful, functional pieces, releasing only one collection per year. By producing in small batches with consciously sourced materials, The Find offers exclusive pieces designed to endure. Each design draws inspiration from global cultural treasures, evoking a sense of wanderlust.


Indigo Luna is a family-run brand focusing on eco-friendly yoga wear and swimwear and committing to quality, transparency, and sustainable manufacturing. The brand reflects the initial exploration with natural dyes, particularly the beauty and complexity of the Indigo plant. Each garment is crafted with love, celebrating the human touch in every stitch. Indigo Luna is a departure from fast fashion, offering authentic, handcrafted pieces designed to endure.


Celebrating Bali's Responsible Heroes

Celebrating Bali's
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